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Huge Win on a medium roll bet! This Buffalo Gold slot machine is nuts!!! Here’s a perfect example of why this game is so volatile…Majority of the time this game provides average bonuses when triggered but, we all know there are those few lucky ones that produce the long and epic wins! This isn’t one of those long multiple retrigger games instead, it shows what can happen when only unlocking half of the buffalos! Hope you enjoy it!

Slot Machine: Buffalo Gold Slot Machine by Aristocrat Technologies
Denom: 1c (Penny)
Total Bet: $1.80

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Thanks and Good Luck!!!! -kbr [ad_2]

20 комментариев

  1. u deserve a huge jackpot for that sick intro..

  2. Awesome hit thanks for sharing

  3. kbr420, you seems to be getting handpays on all your videos…what is your best advice for me to get handpays? do I continue playing on certain machine and alternate my bets until it gives me a jackpot, or should I move around to different machines? do I always hit the max bet buttons for better odds? if you could, could please give me a tip. maybe you can your response to my private email on youtube, or my gmail account at : mrcool0072008@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

  4. I'm glad you hit something. This machine robbed me for $100 in 3 minutes at Binion's in Vegas!

  5. Sweet hand pay

  6. The true is you won one day and will loose next day the bottom line is gamblers always loose these videos are showing only winners they don't show the looser: try to stay away if you want happy life.

  7. To bylo super!!! Ale …… ?!? Radek Smetana

  8. Very good win…just won 2200 on this

  9. very nice gonna hit this game one day thanks for sharing lol just saw that i watched this 5 months ago stilll love it

  10. wait for it

  11. What ???????

  12. I like that 60 frames per second. Nice. Just noticed that.

  13. Why do they have to do hand pay. Here in UK I won £88k in a London casino and just collected at cashier desk when I decided to stop playing.

  14. Awesone video!

  15. Nice dude. I wanted to ask u something, can I borrow $300 I'll pay u back.

  16. Awesome win

  17. So you can get up 4 buffalo on one reel?

  18. That was a great bonus and line hit, congrats

  19. Sooooooo Beautiful !!!! Amazing win !! I don't try Gold Buffalo yet because my local casino does not have it. I want to play it when I watched your video !!
    Thank you for sharing !!

  20. The other day I bet exactly half your bet and won $1945 (major jackpot). I won another major jackpot a couple of months ago too ($975 on only a 2c machine). In the last 2 weeks I've been on an awesome lucky streak and I think I would be about $2500 ahead. Easy money!

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