[ad_1] Here is my top 10 biggest slot machine jackpot handpays wins on my Casino Wins by Blueheart slot channel.

My biggest ever jackpot win was also my first jackpot but those days cell phones didn’t have camera to record or take a picture.
In this videos you will find amazing wins even with low bets and see everything can be possible. Jackpots 2016

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  1. Excellent compililation video of your slot hits. May you have enough this year to do another compiliation video next year 🙂

  2. These big wins were fun to watch. Good luck in the future.

  3. Can you also post vidoes where you lose 1k in ab hour? Thanks!

  4. Fk man. I wish I had that luck. Every Fkn time I go to a casino. It never. Ever works out for me.

    Sometimes I wish I had the bank roll of y’all.

  5. Someone reuploaded ur video, here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D4AbeqYOb8

  6. My biggest hit was 985.00 on a great eagle returns slot at my local casino. I only go with 60 every 2 weeks. All my winnings go into the ohhh shit fund and is never returned to the casino. It's nice having an oh shit fund. Lol

  7. TOTAL FAKE. he recorded with camera the people that won in that Casino' the Jackpot and put a collection video for sure
    i'm surprise that many people believe in this fake result…ahhhhh

  8. 477 spins, wow, never seen that many before. most i have ever gotten was 120 spins. at a 2$ a spin , ended up with a little over 1500$

  9. Just beat it… Beat it!! No one wants to hide to beat it!!!

  10. So… Did you breakeven? How do you do that? I guess it's not just luck? I never went to a casino with $20 to come out with big amounts like these…

  11. nice whats the first slot ?

  12. 700 free spins that's a load of crap

  13. Wtf game is that

  14. Where can I find the awesome burst machine the payout is INSANE

  15. Hey Blue this video i watched already 10 times , there are a lot of real very very nice wins my friend, wish you same wins in this year !

  16. 13K on $1.50 wow

  17. 52,610.55 was my biggest jackpot, 3 coin 5 dollar machine, hit the progressive

  18. Is it best to always bet max

  19. my biggest win was quitting…

  20. i like slots games and i creative over 120 shops with slots games amatic novomatic egt worldwide, if somebody interesting message me or make contact with me on skype solomon statham

  21. All of them. Was awsome. I won 2 thousand only started with 5 dollars and still had 2 dollars left. Was a Red White Blue 1 slot machine

  22. id feel the same way too if i win such amount of cash on slots. but instead of clothes lining the one couple at the beach ill clothes line anyone i see in front of me.

  23. 64000 on meltdown bet was $20 a spin at lucky eagle

  24. Started with eighty dollars, ended with two hundred thirty six dollars. Hard Rock Northfield Ohio.

  25. Awesome Video Compilation — I really enjoyed it! Thank you BlueHeart!


  27. Great wins! Hope your 2017 wins are just as good. Would love to see another video at the end of this year. Where do you play? California? Las Vegas? Curious which casinos you play at.

  28. Awesome video you have here.  Lets get this up to 1,000 thumbs up…

  29. my biggest is 46k lost lke 35k of it over a while.

  30. Where do you play to win like that?

  31. 850-875 not sure, it was on keno 1.25 bet 8 out of ten came with multiplier

  32. nice 1 Blueheart. I wish I had thise winnings too. However my casinos I've been too doesn't allow recording so those small winnings are in my memories. Good Job Keep it up

  33. hi can you list the names of these machines please

  34. awesome compilation

  35. My biggest win was in wicked winnings 3…. single line 2,432.00

  36. Awesome Video Bro.. can I ask what casino you play at mostly ?

  37. Wowowowow!!! Those were all fabulous! I think my fave is the Awesome Burst just because it could pay so crazy on minimum bet!

    My biggest win is only $2500, I am generally a low roller and make my $$ at the casino by cashing out often rather then big. But I would still love to have a jackpot any day!!

    Curious if you now prefer WD or WD2 now that you have had many handpays on both?

  38. Heh, most I've ever won in one sitting was $600. My luck sucks.

  39. As of today Blueheart has a new #1 Jackpot!

  40. #8 Buffalo win.
    Woman attendant: "Would You like it all in ca$h?"
    "No, I would like 1/2 of it paid in cheese & crackers.." #StupidQuestion lolz

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