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This is one of my many Slot Machine Bonus wins from my latest trip to Las Vegas! This video features my FAVORITE game, AFTERSHOCK! On this video I highlight my best three wins playing dollar denom including my BIGGEST win to date on AFTERSHOCK. Watch to see how I made out!

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  1. Double Triple Double special winning tags: first line $3,000; second line $4,500; third line $6,000; fourth line $7,500; and fifth line is $10,000!

  2. Kertakaikkiaan hyvät musiikit tossa pelissä. Harvoin kuulee yhtä hyviä.

  3. Would you classify yourself as a compulsive gambler?

  4. dude u had 800 bucks in there. u went way down before u hit

  5. Wow awesome video bro!

  6. not a big win when you credit was 850.. down to 175 then win big but end up still 50 credits down… you only won what you had at start of the game… pointless

  7. What influenced you in your life to gamble and why do you choose the worst games to play?

  8. I have witnessed a lady bet one line at my home casino and ended up hitting the winning combination that would have won her the $2.5k progressive. I was sick to my stomach and she had no idea. Lesson learned, bet the max!

  9. Wow. Congrats on the big win!!! double and Triple!!!! shit yeahhhhhh

  10. I recently hit $445 dollar bonus last Friday in West Wendover, NV. On my 7th and final spin I hit all 3 wilds. I thank you because your videos of this game inspired me to try it out. Thanks Dan!

  11. Congrats on the wins!  I think that's the first time I've seen anyone land the Double, Triple and Double symbols!

  12. That machine was really playing with you!! I absolutely love that music and the game. Super congrats and thanks for sharing!

  13. Nice win!!  I love this machine.  Still get excited because it reminds me so much of Haywire, just with better payouts.  Congratulations!

  14. That was a fantastic win !!! So sorry AC was a bust better luck next time 🙁
    Did You go anywhere else except Borgata ?
    Luck Luck Luck to You !!

  15. This slot definitely loves you

  16. Very nice bonus flurry Dan, I'm guessing the big hit was actually before the others? I like the music in this game, makes me feel like dancing haha!

  17. Congrats Dan on a fabulous win! I guess I'll have to give it some more tries next trip. 🙂

  18. So sweet win !!  You got many aftershock!! Congrats

  19. thank you for introducing me to this game.  I played it last weekend (quarter denom) and did pretty good.  Played a Diamond one next to it with numerous progressives and did great.  Played the diamond one later in dollars and got $600 progressive.  Loving all 4 I played that day, but it started with Aftershock and only because of you! thanks!

  20. Awesome wins. This game is great

  21. Nice way to end it! This game loves you and i'm sure the other way around 🙂

  22. Excellent string of wins there. The Aftershock theme reminds me of this https://youtu.be/BgqGuE2OPVo?t=2m40s

  23. Hubby and I had a good run on this guy at SLS in April…stuck in $50 cashed out with $300…

  24. I wonder how much for double-triple-double aftershock? Is that like a progressive or something? I'm assuming a HP? Great video! Best I've seen on YT so far.

  25. Nice win!  Congrats!

  26. NICE WIN, DAN!

  27. Great win, Dan! I love the music on this game. I play it for that reason, because I never win much on it. Oh well, at least you hit a great one!

  28. Wow! Dan I think that's the biggest hit I've seen on this one! Very nice buddy!

  29. Congrats on the awesome win! I can't get enough of seeing your videos of this. Side note: $8025 win on Wicked Winnings II yesterday by someone at my local — WOW (penny version). 3 lines of girls and a few ravens on each side. Didn't see all her hits but the commotion was enough for my buddy and I to go look. Best I THINK I have seen so far.

  30. Now that is a really great win! We don't have that game down here. Is the aftershock feature random or does some combination trigger the feature? Thanks for posting!

  31. That's awesome, Dan!  Congrats on the big hit.

  32. Congrats on the win  😉

  33. Awesome wins and video, Dan!!! That machine was HOT! I didn't have any luck on these in Vegas…got the aftershock quite a few times but nothing ever lined up well haha. I did get 2 double aftershock symbols one bonus, but neither one lined up with anything good in the middle. Oh well, still fun! 🙂

  34. Amazing!!! We N E V E R win on this machine. We need to stop with Caesars properties, they're VERY tight.

  35. This is your game buddy, that last hit was awesome, congrats!

  36. Great win! Too bad all those aftershock symbols didn't line up!

  37. High roller Dan…. nice win..

  38. Excellent win buddy!! We were just talking about you the other day when we heard this music in AC, and how this is your jam lol

  39. Nice wins there Dproxima.
    Thanx for sharing.

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