[ad_1] This is Buffalo Gold slot machine amazing jackpot hand pay win. My best jackpot win on this game.
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I thought it’s gonna be another bonus which will be end short of reaching the goal but wow , this one was amazing. Over 100 spins dream bonus.

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  1. OMG, I think this is the best one I've ever seen. Congrats.

  2. I didn't see how got 100 spins in the beginning ??? Btw congrats

  3. I stop watching when I see bet 1.20

  4. WOW! I mean to say WOW!!!! Nice job Blueheart. This kind of win just doesn't happen….oh wait it did! Congratulations!

  5. Wow what a nice win with $1.20 bet

  6. most awesome ever on buffalo!

  7. Fantastic win, especially for that size bet! If they would let me, i would give your video several Thumbs Up!!

  8. Amazing, and to think if it were max bet the win would be 30,000

  9. Wow!!!
    Seen many Buffalo Gold vids — never seen that many spins. Congrats. Oh and nice camera work and thanks for not showing us endless coin shows. Great job all around.

  10. This is the best Buffalo video I have seen to date. Just subscribed as well. Very nice.

  11. Love it! Was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WIN

  12. outstanding….. so many dead spins then BAM !!!!!

  13. pretty good for 1.20$

  14. So glad you're back and posting!

  15. A 1.20 paid over 6,000 bucks wow!!!!

  16. amazing blue congratulations on your huge bonus

  17. On a $1.20 bet that was truly insane and sick my friend. Biggest on Youtube at that bet size Congrats!

  18. Amazing win! Congrats Blue!

  19. Is this the most spins for Buffalo Gold on youtube?

  20. Omg Blue!! That was fantastic! I was yelling out loud when the stupid buffalos wouldn’t show on first reel. But it sure came alive! Congrats!!

  21. Imagine 3.75€

  22. That was so much fun to watch. I could only dream of something like that. Congrats.

  23. I am thinking what'd happened if you stop the reels few times after 15 gold buffalo unlocked..u missed so many multipliers..I've seen a Mexican guy had almost 2 hours bonus run and ended up with $12,000 jackpot ($1.80 bet). But your jackpot is beautiful also.

  24. Bra jobbat!!!

  25. Ya don't always have to bet big. Congrats Blue!

  26. Congrats Blue! Amazing once in a lifetime bonus!

  27. Wow!!! Congrats!!

  28. What if these videos are sponsored by casinos

  29. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Congrats!!! That was too much fun!!!

  31. Amazeballs! Wow, 150 spins and over 5,000x. HUGE congrats!

  32. Hi Blueheart … the Shamus loves you! Take care!

  33. Wow oh WOW! Congrats!!!!

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