★ FINALLY! ★ LOCK IT LINK slot machine max bet BONUS BIG WINS!

★ FINALLY! ★ LOCK IT LINK slot machine max bet BONUS BIG WINS!

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This is Fort Knox jackpot feature win with Lock it Link slot machine bonus wins and super big wins with max bet.

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  1. Nice!

  2. Glad you do so well.
    I can't seem to do anything on this machine.

  3. Good wins buddy. I actually won this game at $200 filling the entire board. Was betting like 1 or 2. If I maxed it out, I would've won $14k. And that was my first time playing that machine too. Will be going back to play that again in 5he near future. Odds of that happening again I think are slim, but its worth another try. Wish me luck!

  4. I like the game but just never seem to do anything on it.

  5. Nice intro. Do you use FIVERR? I use the same guy at Fiverr. I enjoy the work they do. Nice Win!!

  6. GG

  7. Good wins Blue and you deserve them!

  8. Good call to up your bet while it was hot. Love that you can go to the bonus w/only 3 hearts on a line. Great video & congrats.

  9. Yessss nice wins and bonuses. I want some big hits like that

  10. Put the phone in airplane mode next time

  11. This game is So Hard to get a 100x win but you came so very close! Nice Video!!!

  12. Very nice!

  13. Nice wins! Congrats! Love your videos!

  14. Well played. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I like people who summarize the play at the close of the video.  It is so hard to follow all the action when there are several games and different denominations.  So nice just to see you started with $100 and cashed out $700.  Do you ever play games at minimum bet?

  16. You did very nice at LOCK IT LINK .Congrats Blue !

  17. Very Nice Mr. Blue $$$ Spa treating you Well ?

  18. Elvis makes a good point below. I am sure Blue knows that but maybe not. Raise your denom and the Mini & Minor increase with the same amount bet, although maybe that machine wasn't going to pay on 2 cents or nickels. Hard to say. Either way, well done Blue.

  19. Very nice!!

  20. Great video. I love the Lock It Link game and play it a lot. Just as an FYI…you were betting $5.00 and the mini was $10.00. If you would have bet $2.50 at 2 cent denom (same $5.00 bet) the mini would have doubled. Good Luck. I enjoy your videos.

  21. Nice job Blue. Congrats and Cheers. Have you ever got one of those major major progressive jackpot?

  22. Isn't max bet fun? you did awesome!

  23. I might have to try that machine again sometime, it's been awhile, awesome run

  24. I'm really loving Lock it Link right now. Nice wins bro!

  25. Nice 1

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