★ MEGA BIG WIN — Jackpot!!! Mystical Unicorn Slot Machine ♠ SlotTraveler ♠

★ MEGA BIG WIN — Jackpot!!! Mystical Unicorn Slot Machine ♠ SlotTraveler ♠

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It’s been a great journey starting this channel! I am very happy to showcase the channel’s first Hand Pay on Mystical Unicorn! Filmed at Lone Butte Casino Arizona

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21 комментарий

  1. do not hit the machines, silly!

  2. one of my favorit games from wms see you should have some napoleon and josephine on your repertory

  3. i played this machine last night at 20 cents yes i know thats a very low bet but it was the only way to get the screen full of unicorns got paid 88 dollars… no bad …btw very good wining keep the good luck with you

  4. last night i played this machine at 20cents yes it was the only way it paid at 20 cents i got the screen full of unicorns got paid 88 dollars

  5. Nice win! Congratulations! 🙂

  6. Watched it again, love it!

  7. nice handpay jackpot I love this game

  8. Congrats that was Awesome!!! I once saw a lady playing one of these with Major over $450 and she was betting $5 max and hit over $1,200 from a bonus and STILL did NOT hit the Major from that lol!!!

  9. Amazing win well done, thank god the casino didn't say malfunction voids all plays and pays lol

  10. Great win also i just subscribed !!Sorry but i want Diana to win the slot tourny lol good luck

  11. Congrats, man. That was awesome, hilarious, and scary all at the same time.

  12. Yaaaas, henny! Get those mega rainbow coins!

  13. Epic win !

  14. Unbelievable hit. Way to go. You did a great job on Slot talk with Brent!

  15. How did they fix the error message? That was a great win!

  16. Lmao. That was too funny. "It's coming, it's coming!" "Ahhhhhh! Oh… I hit it too hard…"

  17. nice win

  18. Bwhahahahahaha!!!! You crazy bitch!!!!! I was dying laughing when you hit the machine and it said "CALL ATTENDANT". 🙂

  19. LOL…that was hilarious. Congrats. Of all the times I've played a G+ Deluxe (and it's ALOT) I have yet to get a Mega Big Win.

  20. congratulation epic hit. I hope to see more of dose. t.y for sharing.

  21. Two in a row! What a great win — again. My husband wants to know where you're playing — wouldn't matter. We don't have your luck or your magic touch. Keep it up. I'm glad I subscribed to you so that I'd get your vids to watch on Friday. I wouldn't have wanted to miss the two you've shown us so far today. Congrats.

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