[ad_1] My biggest BIER HAUS win to date! This is a 60+ SPIN bonus on one of my all-time favorite WMS G+ slot machine games. I still prefer this original version over Bier Haus 200. This win beats my personal best ($565.80) from a few years back. But by how much? 🙂

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  1. No stop ?

  2. I watched this video like 3 times because it is so pretty lol. I cannot wait until you play and hit big again!

  3. Awesome win! I recently tested my luck at my local and hit a jackpot of a total win of $3103 on a 2cent $3 bet version of this game. Very fun game. Just didn't care for the audience haha. Congrats again.

  4. so cool dude!!! wow!!

  5. Woo hooo!!! Good job .. love when she comes out to play

  6. Very nice..Congrats!

  7. Amazing!!!!!

  8. Stopping the reels definitely worked in your favor! Beer, beer, everywhere! Great video! 🙂

  9. Great win Albert, and congratulations on the new personal best on Beir Haus!

  10. Too bad I don't drink so I could properly celebrate your game and toast your terrific total. Maybe Heidi would do it for me. Better yet, how about I lift a stein of root beer and congratulate you on your stupendous best all-time win ever. Fantastic, Albert. As always.

  11. Oldie but goodie, still one of my favorites. Was rooting for you to get another hand pay, but still a nice win. This game always reminds me of the Hofbrauhaus restaurant on Paradise. Nothing like pretending to be a drunk german for a couple of hours: beer, beer and more beer. Have you ever been there Albert? I even have a video on my channel from one of our visits where I got spanked (for real)

  12. score! free-spin mania. After watching your channel for a while I have decided to take a trip to vegas with the Mrs. Your channel has gotten me excited.

  13. God damn, nice one Albert…lol @ speeding up the bonus!

  14. Kick ass win there Albert!

  15. Nice, what casino were you at? Post the casinos in your notes please. I wanna know. 🙂

  16. Very very nice bonus Albert. Good job on it.

  17. Fabulous win and bonus Albert! Congrats on beating your personal best and I hope you do it again soon!

  18. Great bonus, congratulations Albert!

  19. Wow that was hot hot hot! Congrats Amigo!

  20. Great win on this one Albert. Those wilds worked out for you…and congrats getting that extra sticky wild. Nothing like the original Bier Haus…totally agree with you 🙂

  21. some n.w.a needs to play in the casino background cause everyone hates rent-a-cops lol

  22. Awesome win. love your channel and videos.

  23. Woohoo!!!! Very nice bonus Albert!!!

  24. Hi Albert 🙂

  25. Fantastic bonus win! I saw a lady recently win over $600 on Bier Haus 200 on 40 cents bet from a bonus! Also I will hint at that I saw something Bier Haus related that I don't want give away just yet, no video yet…

  26. Way to go, Albert!

  27. Awesome bonus buddy…. Congrats!

  28. awesome win buddy

  29. Awesome AL!

  30. Hell yeah Albert! I love this game. that fifth reel crawled over in the beginning!

  31. WOW ZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of titties! LOL

  32. what a sweet looking trigger screen, congrats Albert

  33. Amazing win Albert! Heidi hates me, but I'm glad you got some boobs and beer! Lol

  34. HEIDI-LICIOUS!! Way to go Albert, that's a whole lotta boobs!

  35. tatas all over the place lol. great bonus Albert t.y for sharing.

  36. Very nice

  37. hit almost 950 on 1.20 bet about 5 years ago. I was shocked if I would have retriggered 10 spins i had 4 of a kind wilds in three spots. with only 35 initial spins

  38. Lots of spins and very nice bonus! I have no issues with greed when it comes to slots : )

  39. beautiful Albert. nice to see you returning to this game. every year I expect and see a good win off you on this game.

    greedy of you, you asked yourself for a retrigger with 4 spins to go. naaaaah not at all haha!!! push wms games and their potential to the max limits when we can. something I adore to do when possible hehe.
    full screen ladies at the end with 5 or 6 more sticky wilds would have been amaaaaaazing and dream filming.
    who cares it's a $600 win 🙂 congrats man

    ps (bier haus 2 doesn't appear so popular)

  40. Beers and Boobs! Love that combo! Congrats on the awesome win! So, if 490x the bet…almost $600 on a $1.20 isn't a Mega Win…what would it have taken?

  41. Nice close to 500x great win!

  42. Awesome win Albert !! I love those pretty girls ! lol

  43. I've never seen that many titties in my life, you made sure I will have sweet dreams tonight Albert 😉 Congrats on the record 😉

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