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These are my Top 10 Line Hits!

I LOVE The Walking Dead Slot! This is my biggest baddest win in Atlantic City!

Oh Buffalo! This game treats me so nice! These are my top 2 wins!
Almost a HANDPAY!


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  1. Its hard to pull urself away from a hot machine evidently..Cant blame him a bit there..

  2. I have always wanted try that game… Its near Panda Express rite?

  3. I've sat at the exact seat in lone butte casino….. That damn screen ruins all the fun. Very weird to see that pop up seeing how I live and gamble in Phoenix

  4. You have the best slot videos ive seen. Im going to subscribe and like….Great job. Love your commentary as well

  5. I noticed the guy you film that won on the walking dead that 30 thousand didn't have card in.

  6. it really fun! cool video subcribed

  7. Wow that machine was on fire for you. Thanks for sharing Manny

  8. great shows. you are so lucky. but most all thank you for not shaking so much.

  9. Ah, you got cheated out of the Mega Big Win celebration! Great run on the machine!

  10. Love your videos, nice ass line hits

  11. Nice win. I love this machine. It's tough though.

  12. Fantastic win on this game. Looks like the "win-stoppers" got a hold of the screen…hence, those flashing dead pixels…that's also the reason why your wins were stopping so quickly. Had the same problem with a Jungle Wild game. Congrats ST. Good run for sure 🙂

  13. nice win congrats

  14. I have gotten a full screen of the women and the wilds on this machine but in penny denomination with 60 cent bet and did pretty good.

  15. You are so funny! That was a great win on this machine…..thanks for posting..

  16. Great freakin wins!!!

  17. I ve really enjoyed this thank. It was a good run!!

  18. No need to chase progressives when you get line wins of almost $500 , $400, and $180 along with lesser wins. No progressive is going to be better than that! You did great.

  19. SO- much fun!…Congratz!,,..And Many More!

  20. That was a very hot machine! I love the big win celebrations on G+ games! Congrats Manny!!!

  21. Amazing run ! It's great bonus win !! Thanks for the sharing Manny !

  22. I know that feeling, chasing the progressive. Great vid, glad you cashed out a winner!

  23. Love it Manny! Have a nice day

  24. OMG I DID IT!!! Haha, awesome hits on Desert Moon, sir! Great video! 🙂

  25. Lord I can't win on these things. Only mystical unicorn and Napoleon and Josephine. Good play nice vid tho

  26. Thanks for another great video Manny. That machine was hot! Yeah, I heard from another channel about the players card controversy. But after they used a "happy" word to describe a bad bonus, they not only lost my subscription but also my respect.

  27. Found yourself a HOT machine 🙂 Awesome run Slot Traveler. That machine was broke as shit, but paid well lol

  28. Nice win! We can never just walk away.  lol

  29. Awesome hit! I hate when the machine sparkles because the countup on machine will skip over the music. It needs to be reset. I think it happens when people pound on the screen too hard too

  30. Damn, you are insanely lucky! Keep doing it! I just need a sliver of your luck for my trip.

  31. I don't look at is as you're wasting money. I think that briefly for myself, but then tell myself I'd be spending money playing something! At least you're playing one that's paying off. How many of us go, win a little then leave. We gots to put in our time!

  32. Outstanding indeed.

  33. i never seen that game as well but u did good get dat dam progressive yeaaaaaaaa

  34. I wanted to see a full screen of El Ranchero after you mentioned it! As always, great video!

  35. Damn, you rocked the shit out of that machine!
    What's a guy gotta do to win a damn progressive? Thanks for sharing!

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