[ad_1] Starting off the first streak with a last spin bonus on the Dragon of the Eastern Ocean slot machine. This game has always been a tough one to crack. Was finally able to get some great play with big wins on this slot! Filmed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV.

Slot Machine: Dragon of the Eastern Ocean by Aristocrat
Denom: 1c (Penny)


KBR…Lover of slots here! When you subscribe, you’ll be provided weekly updated content of slot machine bonuses, big wins, mega big wins and the occasional Jackpot Handpays! Slots and gambling are my hobbies and I love to share the exciting moments with everyone. I mainly publish bonus rounds or free games from the penny slots (pokies) that I love to play. Occasionally, I will have first look at new slots, live play and progressive jackpot wins! Casinos in Las Vegas, Reno and SoCal are my favorite. If you want to win or have your bankroll last longer in the casino, consider playing outside of Las Vegas! Vegas is fun for the nightlife, entertainment, shopping and dining at very fancy restaurants. I gratefully appreciate you watching, liking and commenting on the slot videos I release. Good Luck!!!! [ad_2]

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  1. Gay

  2. NIce to see a rare luck for the last bet176 with left credit of 56 went up by a huge combo win. How often do you get this luck in this kind of situation

  3. Dan nguyen

  4. Great win!! Will they ever pay the highest prizes, or are they just in sight, I've never really seen them here, and there? Congrats !!

  5. great

  6. hick

  7. nice win! did you play 2 machines at the same time? did you change to a different machine? how much did you lose before you got the first bonus?

  8. Mrdko

  9. is that 1 credit = $1? nice win either way!

  10. WTG!! Nice win.! 4-20 is my birthdays lol!!

  11. Awesome

  12. I love playing slot machines! Remember it's for fun! <3 <3

  13. nice win there . i play this slot today with 48 free game but didn't win much

  14. Awsome video-if you want lets check my WIN!!!

  15. How much money did u win from that?

  16. gambling and slots isn't anything but recess for adults lol

  17. 병신

  18. Wow amazing Run!Congrats

  19. Awesome bonuses! Thanks for sharing kbr420!

  20. Congrats on the amazing win! You are features on this weeks top 5 slot videos of the week!

  21. Holy crap those were awesome bonuses! Moreso than getting 3 progressive chances, I'm surprised you got so many 5x wild reels! Congrats man!

  22. Awesome last bonus! I've only played this once and had good luck on it. Congrats!!

  23. David. Silva

  24. Very fun! What happens when he "flies on his carpet" or whatever you said? 😀

  25. Awesome wins
    Congrats 420

  26. OMG! saved again in the last spin! that was a fantastic bonus and great video! congrats!

  27. Great session! Congrats!

  28. That was amazing to see with all those retriggers! Fantastic win at the end….but I know you really wanted to see that guy fly on down..i would too! Congrats!

  29. Very nice KBR! Probably my fave Good Fortune game!

  30. That was a lot of great Ws, kbr420! Congrats! I have yet to play this slot machine. But, it's on my list of slots to play.

  31. That final set of games was great balls of fire!! Congrats!! I really like this game!

  32. hell yeah awesome collection of wins where was this one at?

  33. That was awesome!. Congrats.

  34. Such a tough game, you killed it in that last bonus! Congrats! 🙂

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