★ SUPER BIG WIN! ★ The 2x WILD Symbol DOES PAY! | Slot Traveling

★ SUPER BIG WIN! ★ The 2x WILD Symbol DOES PAY! | Slot Traveling

[ad_1] ★ SUPER BIG WIN! ★ The 2x WILD Symbol DOES PAY! | Slot Traveling

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On this Slot Traveling episode we play High Limit Elvis Shake Rattling Reels, Gold Bonanza and Wonder 4 Super Stacks! We start with $80 and ends with a SUPER BIG WIN! This session recorded at San Manuel Casino in Highland California.

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17 комментариев

  1. you my friend are on a roll keep it up looking forward to the next video

  2. Love all those wilds, congrats!

  3. Amazing win congrats

  4. WOW!! Wonderful win! That was an awesome screen of WILDs. Thanks for the shout out too Manny. Congrats! 🙂

  5. Nice win!! I'm going to have ro try that game now!

  6. Wow!!!!!!

  7. Wow ,so many wild's…incredible y felicidades amigo

  8. Besides Manny, Elvis rocks… Viva Las Vegas brother… Cheers.


  10. fantastic congrats Manuel

  11. Massive win!!! Loved the excitement you had for the win… I just sit there lol

  12. Awesome win

  13. Amazing win! Congratulations!

  14. That was a Awesome win Congratulations !!!

  15. Cliff castle Casino has gold bonanza

  16. Very good play on these games. It seems possible to get a huge jackpot on this game if the 2x wild extended to a full screen.

  17. Love it!! Miss u!! Vegas is May don't forget!!

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