★ YASS! I got The SUPER BIG WIN! Takes me 5 minutes, but it’s AMAZING! BAM!! ☞ Slot Traveler

★ YASS! I got The SUPER BIG WIN! Takes me 5 minutes, but it’s AMAZING! BAM!! ☞ Slot Traveler

[ad_1] ★ YASS! I got The SUPER BIG WIN! Takes me 5 minutes, but it’s AMAZING! BAM!! ☞ Slot Traveler ★ LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT

The SLOT PLAY is strong on this episode and it’s mostly SLOT MACHINE BONUS WINS! It took me about 5 minutes, and YASS! I got that SUPER BIG WIN!

I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to everyone that participated!
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27 комментариев

  1. Second video of yours that I watched that was a total let down because of the titles — totally misleading. Not AMAZING!

  2. Yass?! Are you doing triumph comic dog?

  3. Too blurry.

  4. The video was good until the end. Could not take the shaky and loud voices…moving on.

  5. That is a "Super big win" LOL. Excellent drumming! Hope they were nice to Dixie after!

  6. congrats and what's with the second dancing drums part looks like you filmed it with an old Nokia brick phone

  7. yaaaaaaaaaa

  8. congrats nice wins and fantastic video

  9. You tease with that thumb! Still a great genie win, and that drums bonus had so many big hits! Congrats!

  10. Never used to like Dancing Drums but it's grown on me. Have made profit on it the last 3 casino visits. Can't complain!

  11. That Dancing Drums bonus was great! Congratulations 🙂

  12. Super nice win on the Double D's! The Da Ji Da Li Da Li Holla Holla Hollaa have been treating us very kindly here lately. May be a new favorite! I haven't seen a $100 Slot Travel video in a while. Don't stop making them, they're my favorite.

  13. Love the BIG WIN  🙂 and Dancing Drums well you can't win every time 🙁  one says you have to be at the right place at the right time.

  14. I love Genie's riches. They removed from my local several months ago. Where did you play that one?

  15. Awesome wins
    Very nice SlotTraveler

  16. Manny your AWESOME!!! Love watching your videos!!!

  17. No matter what we start out watching, it always ends up being Dancing Drums.  Bam.  Another $793.67  Those drum just won't stop.  Love that game — and your video of it.

  18. Beautiful win on dancing drums Manny. I hope to have a hit like that on it one day..

  19. BAM
    Yaaaaas you rock
    123 Boom


  21. love the drums ………

  22. Nice one, loving the drums

  23. Looks like a lot of fun was ad by all

  24. You had some fantastic wins there, I love that Genie Riches slot and have played it many times over the years. Super hit on Dancing Drums and TYFS!!!

  25. Very nice win. Dancing drums always pay. I hope someday play this game

  26. Nice win!

  27. Those drums sure love you !!!!!

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