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18 комментариев

  1. I haven’t played this on awhile love it!

  2. smoke break Joe

  3. Joe I emailed them about a size chart on the shirts…..no response.

  4. Love your Channel❤One of my Favorites❤

  5. Nice! Another great video, Joe! Thank you sharing with us!

  6. Fun Run but it sure didn't want to give up a good respin during that bonus. Fun Video!

  7. nice job

  8. Wish i ccould have your luck..went today and lost my ass!

  9. love your intro theme and all your video's <3

  10. Joe

    For a person who states all the time that you do not care
    You acted with real class about the youtuber from northern calif.

    You are a class act

    take care


  11. hi EZ at which casino did you find that hot hot respin ?

  12. Those respins deserved the DLLM Hammer..You need to borrow it from me Joe to use it on that damn Zues's head..muhahahah

  13. OMG..the opening song sounds like that damn gal is singing with The Do Lei Lo Mo Hammer against her throat..lmfao. Anyway a good video..Thanks for sharing Joe..Keep it coming the Hammer's way.

  14. Thanks for sharing sometimes I miss the old school games by the way last night's chat was off the hook thanks for keeping it real

  15. I want to smell your seat you motherfucker!!! Keep up the wins!! Good luck!! Teamsmellyourseat

  16. I always try talking to u in your chats I know u have a million people watching but I just want u too know don't worry about people talking about you or what they think of you..I seem to find you as a nice person w an awesome attitude just keeping doing you Joe and don't worry about what people say or do I hope u had a good bday and a wonderful day

  17. I love this machine. There was a guy at the casino I go to when he would get the respin after filling up the first reel with Zeus would start screaming BURN BABY BURN. It was hilarious…..Thanks for bringing back that memory…lol. Great video and nice wins.

  18. nice bonus!!

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