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★007 GAVE ME ALL THOSE BONUS CHIPS!!★ James Bond Thunderball Slot Machine Bonus Big Win Run

★007 GAVE ME ALL THOSE BONUS CHIPS!!★ James Bond Thunderball Slot Machine Bonus Big Win Run

My first attempt on the new James Bond 007 Thunderball Slot Machine. Must’ve sat down at the right moment because the bonuses were coming at me in full force with nice BIG WINS! 3 Bonuses with tons of chips and had an amazing run. Started with $700 and walked off with over $1400!

Slot Machine: 007 Thunderball Slot Machine by Scientific Games
Denom: 1c (Penny slot)
Total Bet: $3.50
Casino: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


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KBR…Lover of slots here! When you subscribe, you’ll be provided weekly updated content of slot machine bonuses, big wins, mega big wins and the occasional Jackpot Handpays! Slots and gambling are my hobbies and I love to share the exciting moments with everyone. I mainly publish bonus rounds or free games from the penny slots (pokies) that I love to play. Occasionally, I will have first look at new slots, live play and progressive jackpot wins! Casinos in Las Vegas, Reno and SoCal are my favorite. If you want to win or have your bankroll last longer in the casino, consider playing outside of Las Vegas! Vegas is fun for the nightlife, entertainment, shopping and dining at very fancy restaurants. I gratefully appreciate you watching, liking and commenting on the slot videos I release. Good Luck!!!!

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  1. Awesome bonus congrats

  2. That was great congrats.

  3. That was awesome!! I've never seen so many chips! I play this alot and either you get an ice cold machine that gives nothing — or a hot machine that gives bonus after bonus!

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