★AMAZING $1,000 + WINNING RUN!!!★ TIKI TORCH (Aristocrat) MAX BET! BIG WIN! Slot Machine Bonus

★AMAZING $1,000 + WINNING RUN!!!★ TIKI TORCH (Aristocrat) MAX BET! BIG WIN! Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] AMAZING $1,000+ WINNING RUN!!! This is on one of my favorite classic slot machines TIKI TORCH by Aristocrat. Started with $100 and got on an unusually hot bonus cycle with this one particular machine I was on. I had many bonuses and a lot of nice line hit wins that kept me playing, but I’m only showing the top 4 bonuses I got in this video. Make sure to check out my Facebook page & Twitter pages at the links below and leave a like if you like this video! Thank you for watching!

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  1. K

  2. De de poner a otros jugadores que han ganado

  3. i like your style…smart play….unlike these addicts who always put their winnings back.. great job…great discipline.

  4. Great win for the first 100 bucks. Congrats.

  5. Esta màquina me encanta, y somos muchas personas que queremos jugar en ella.No entiendo que solo se haga una exhibicion y no se haga un casino on line donde poder jugar.Gracias y esperamos que en breve se forme un casino con estas màquinas como lo hicieron los de yack pot Party casino.

  6. somehow I played kind like this game with bitcoin before, see my videos and tell me what you think, happy new year 🙂

  7. GREAT Bonus and great video.. Happy New Year to you, and so happy you got to go to MGM Harbor. Cant wait to try it for SURE..Tell me something, how far (best to your knowledge is the Airport to Cassino? Just wondering. As Tom brings me home in April then comes back to fla till end of May, so I thought I could fly from NY to Baltimore? Always looking to do things when he is gone. BUT he really wants to see this one… Cant wait.

  8. wow congrats albert. which casino?

  9. Havent played this machine in a while ,Glad that you won big on a small bet

  10. Way to go Albert!!! A BIG congrats to you!!!

  11. Wow, that was amazing…5 tiki torches was nuts…good stuff Albert

  12. I've said it before but it bears repeating "The old machines are still the BEST." I think I need to play Tiki Touch again. lol Enjoyed the video. Merry Christmas and Happy Slotting New Year.

  13. Zip love this machine! You were on fire!

  14. This is my Wife's Go to game also!!!Wow Albert Amazing Run:) Congrats, I'm happy for you….

  15. Amazing win is right. Great job on this old Aristocrat game. It sure delivered for you. Congrats 🙂

  16. Great run on that one Albert! I used to play this one all the time but it some aspect I have moved on. I mentioned quite a while back there is a 25 line version of these, some standalone but some usually can be found on the old Hyperlink Cash Express banks of machines.

  17. This is outstanding! Beautiful session! Yay! Those multiple 5 wild hits were sweet!

  18. This game reminds me of a very bad time for me in casino's

  19. Awesome run you had on that tiki torch Albert! Congrats on your win!!!

  20. Nice Run!!! Yeah!! That has got to happen for me sometime too. I am going to play Tiki Torch next visit. Hopefully I can show a sweet video too!! 🙂 Great going Albert!! Big Congrats on that tax free WIN!!! Yay!!

  21. Wow $1100 profit on this game nice going Albert!

  22. That was an amazing run. This is a fun game. Merry Christmas my friend

  23. Great win Albert. Sounds like the new casino is the place to play! Are they allowing you to record openly there?

  24. Wow that was a great run in tiki torch it was being great to you. I've never played tiki torch but I'll have to give that one a try now. Congrats on your huge wins Albert!

  25. Hell yeah what a run Al!

  26. This is one game that I never ever play! With the thousands of hours played in slots the last 30 years, I must have played this game for 15 minutes total! Lol. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever gotten the bonus! I think it's time to give this game more play. 🙂 Great video, Albert. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Great run!

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