★AWESOME ! SUPER SUPER BIG WIN★MEGA VAULT Slot machine (igt)★☆Live play & Bonus ☆栗スロット

★AWESOME ! SUPER SUPER BIG WIN★MEGA VAULT Slot machine (igt)★☆Live play & Bonus ☆栗スロット

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Mega Vault Slot (igt) Super Super Big Win !
Check it out !

***KURI Slot**Slot Jackpot**Slot Handpay**Slot Big Win***
★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. Wow Beautiful Kuri Vault lol better then handpay I say no taxes congratulations always

  2. Nice one again, here in Calgary even 250 dollars is a hand pay

  3. Do you know if they have these at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma ..??

  4. Wow KURI! "Mega" sweet!!!

  5. That was awesome!!! Great wins Kuri!!

  6. Fanfriggintastic wins! Thanks for sharing and good luck in the future.

  7. Awesome wins and beautiful last bonus! The multipliers loved you! Congrats!

  8. Nice win!

  9. Nice Win! Congrats!!

  10. kuri i got a huge win today u can watch it in my channel

  11. WOW That Mega Vault is pretty expensive over there! Granted at my local max bet is $4 but it start at 40 cents for the low rollers. This game is so hard,m but so rewarding when those multipliers ;and, that last bonus was amazing and you are right! 2 more spins and Hand pay! Way to go girl!

  12. woo hooo awesome win

  13. SWEET! Congrats! Better than Handpay no taxes! That was awesome. Send me some of your luck! Going to casino first time in several several months. A sick momma. A van who wants to mess up on me. Grandchildren sick. I need a casino fix! Going to Jacks in Cinn Ohio free concert to see Wynona Judd.

  14. Terrific win Kuri, thanks for sharing!

  15. KaboooooooooM! Amazing win there at the end with those line hits too, congrats Kuri

  16. Nice!

  17. Tough game to get a bonus on let alone such a wonderful win. You deserve it. Thank you for the video

  18. Congrats Kuri! Gotta love Barona!

  19. That was awesome Kuri! So close to retriggers. Wish audio was on but at least we hear Ainsworth in background 🙂

  20. Awesome KURI! That's how you do it! Love the game. The bonus spins are so short, but man they pack a wallop!

  21. My family and I always go to this Casino. we love it. i had play this same exact machine with max bet at barona but no luck. Nice Hit!

  22. Very nice! I play that same game when I go to Barona- the one on the end and one that sound does not work. I can tell its the same one.
    This one is set to very high payback, has the sign on top saying so. I have won big on it myself a few times and it plays very well. Next time you will get the handpay on it!

  23. Yes, super big win! One retrigger probably would be a handpay. Hopefully you will get that next time! 🙂

  24. one of the best games ever next to timberwolf gurl…congrats! $

  25. Still good though. Congratulations! Your videos inspires me that there's still hope for winning something, lol! Best of Luck on your future winnings!

  26. Great bonus congratulations KuRi!

  27. I have never seen anyone win on this game in a casino, but you had some very nice wins and line hits both times you played. I'm glad you are lucky. Keep winning.

  28. Wow great win kuri , IGT is lucky for you lol !!

  29. Very Nice. I'll look for this game. Congrats

  30. Play this every trip and never hit. Congratz!

  31. So funny you posted this today. Mega Vault took me for 800 last night

  32. GREAT WIN!!! I've tried this game a few times — maybe one day. 😀

  33. Nice kuri!!!!!

  34. I have never ever seen a 1c game pay like that, that is unreal! Wow! Nice to know it could happen

  35. Very nice line hits, but that last bonus was awesome, congrats! Haven't had much luck on this game, might revisit.

  36. sweet win kuri … keep that Good luck … go to play Tomorrow after 12 am ..Thanks me later

  37. Nice run, one of my favorites. Last year I won just under $1200 on a $1.20 bet on it, no retriggers.

  38. omg kuri congrats can u beleive i got a jackpot progressive playing 50ct in sumatran storm 5,200 in barona yesterday i was so so lucky nice video kuri 🙂

  39. love it

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