★BIG BIG WIN WIN★Five Frogs Slot Live Play★Max Bet $3.20, Barona Casino, Akafuji slot

★BIG BIG WIN WIN★Five Frogs Slot Live Play★Max Bet $3.20, Barona Casino, Akafuji slot

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  1. Looks like a simulator

  2. my favorite game. when you can, please play again . thanks

  3. esa puta maquina es un granrrovo

  4. i like your video editing and curious what video editing software you use?

  5. Akafuji, study your first big hit at 1:13. The win is 5 Jacks which is $10 x the 8 multiplier = $80. Then the machine shows (x 3) when it should have been (x 4) for all combinations = $320 not $240. Did the machine calculated this wrong? Isn't that gold frog thingie a wild?

  6. Do u play the ones in nonsmoking area?

  7. Check out my nice win at the Harrahs Casino in New Orleans. Please and thank you!!

  8. You should have left at 580… :/

  9. Some Very Nice Wins Indeed, Well Done !!!

  10. Happy New Years good game

  11. Shin shin slots are stealing your videos. Disabling comments. She's been doin this to a lot of people. Please report her

  12. Thats nice win , also pls check my wining about 4 bitcoin playing slots

  13. Very nice long session on this game and great wins! I'm yet to play this one live! Those multipliers get me!

  14. Congratulations !

  15. great win

  16. Wonderful!

  17. I hope Google translated this correctly for you: メリークリスマス
    Happiest of Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year Barona must have wanted to share the Christmas Spirit for these games. Nice wins.

  18. Congrats, though I was aggravated on your behalf (lol) that it kept giving you that same damn 10x multiplier! I hate when you pick the more volatile choice and it doesn't reward you (those Jacks!!). Nice wins though and thanks for sharing. I am a recent sub and really enjoy your vids. Happy Holidays.

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