★BIG WIN!★ FORTUNE KING GOLD & 5 DRAGONS GOLD (Aristocrat) | Slot Machine Bonus

★BIG WIN!★ FORTUNE KING GOLD & 5 DRAGONS GOLD (Aristocrat) | Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] BIG WIN on FORTUNE KING GOLD by Aristocrat which appears to be a similar slot to 5 DRAGONS GOLD where you can pick your game feature or go for the Mystery Feature option. Slotting next to me again is my good friend Miss Cathy who just can’t stop playing her favorite slot machine! 😜

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  1. Good one @ super

  2. nothing quite like getting 20 free spins, 2x/5x/8x, a retrigger, and getting $1.77 at the end

  3. Nice Win !!! it was X100, next time add one more 0……… lol 🙂

  4. I had to end this video when you focused on the dragon game because the game volume was ear piercingly loud :/ congrats on your wins but wow that screeching was unbearable

  5. Congrats to you both on your wins great bonus on the end t.y for sharing.

  6. I am starting to love MGM!!! Had a HUGE hit there on TWD2. Some good hits man!! Congrats!

  7. Way to go, this game hasn't been too nice to me yet. =(

  8. You must of been eating chocolate eggs while playing. I noticed you left chocolate stains on the machine after playing. I hope other people don't mind after playing with your rude behavior at the machines. You can also catch Zika virus from people eating chocolate eggs and not washing their hands before pushing buttons on the machine.

  9. I'm still waiting for my 30x handpay on this one!

  10. That last bonus was grreat. Kathy needs a HP. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter.

  11. Nice win at the end! I've not seen this one, but as a fan of Fortune King, seems like a nice update to it!

  12. Great win and video Albert ! I love Fortune King Gold more than 5 dragons Gold !
    You did good job !

  13. Albert can you make an hour videos long Iam addition your hook loop

  14. Great job Albert. I must confess… I play a variant of this game every time at the casino…hoping to capture some of my early success on the series. I'll keep working on it. You are sure representing the series well. Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Very nice wins you two! Great session! Congrats, Albert & Cathy!!

  16. Three nice bonuses, Albert, especially the last $350 one. And nice wins on Miss Cathy's game too. I think Mr. CT isn't the only one that caught that term, Albert, but I think we've all heard Tressa say it so often that it has lost the power to shock it once had — at least I'm not as shocked as I used to be…and I'm pretty prudish. lol

  17. Nice Ms Cathy

  18. Nice wins you two,and great bonus at the end Albert!

  19. Just when I thought you were going to lose your money you hit a great bonus! Way to go Albert……

  20. Nice bonus run, Albert! I figure your line hit would be really big, but your 3rd bonus was well worth it!!

  21. Albert, Miss Cathy is great to watch…..And you really Great too!!! Just don't forget to stop, and cash out!!! Bring some money home!!! HA!

  22. Great video as always Albert! Congrats to you and Kathy. That 3rd bonus you had was super sweeeeet!!! Again, congrats!

  23. Great video Albert
    Congrats on your wins

  24. He was being a racist, did a lot of favors to you 🙂 Nicely done!

  25. Nice wins for you both! I have yet to do any good on either of these. I like to play them though lol! Congrats (and we still need to see that handpay video!!)

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