★BIG WIN★ Golden Egypt Slot Machine MAX BET Bonus & ★SUPER BIG WIN★ Line Hit ! Live IGT Slot Play !

★BIG WIN★ Golden Egypt Slot Machine MAX BET Bonus & ★SUPER BIG WIN★ Line Hit ! Live IGT Slot Play !

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Slot Machine BIG WIN and MASSIVE WIN

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  1. houly shit

  2. My experience is that by stopping the real you win less, don´t know if anyone else has a similar experience… Good win though.

  3. Do know wher is that palc plz

  4. is this slot in a.c?

  5. This is my dream on this machine!! Nice WIN!!

  6. Don't Play like This.. lol…Nice Win

  7. YES ! You did it NG , i was expecting that you would get that full screen with wilds


  9. Huge win ! Congrats =))

  10. great video…keep it up.

  11. Very nice wins!! Seems like a hard game to walk away from.

  12. very nice congrats

  13. Nice win bro good stat , keep going , confirmed to vegas in March !!!!

  14. Wow! Very awesome session! When I got the 4 Wilds I landed the Sphinx, the top symbol so I was hoping you did too! Congrats!!

  15. Awesome,awesome wins, I really liked this game

  16. Really nice line hit bro. Hopefully one day you will get all 5 wilds.

  17. awesome run!!

  18. Nicely done NG. We just got these recently also. I think Aladdin’s Fortune is better than this but you can get wild reels more often on this one.

  19. Nice wins!

  20. just started seeing your slot channel last few days .enjoy it very much, and no bad language

  21. That was a beautiful win for you. Continued good luck. I always enjoy your videos. Take care.

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