★BIG WIN!★ NEW DROP & LOCK DEEP SEA MAGIC ($5.00-$10.00 BETS) Slot Machine (SG)

★BIG WIN!★ NEW DROP & LOCK DEEP SEA MAGIC ($5.00-$10.00 BETS) Slot Machine (SG)

[ad_1] ★BIG WIN!★ NEW DROP & LOCK DEEP SEA MAGIC ($5.00-$10.00 BETS) Slot Machine (SG). Always nice to try out a brand new game at the local casino that results in a big win. This game replaced RAGING RHINO RAMPAGE which we had just for a few months before it got swapped out with this newer game. I’ll be trying this one again!

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Video outro courtesy of Jean-Luc Richard
Jean-Luc Richard:

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  1. Nice win Albert i will definitely look for this game for sure

  2. I really like this game. ❤️✌️

  3. That was a nail-biter watching those balls drop. Your poor neighbor missing the Grand by 1 ball.
    Can't wait to find & try this game after watching U. Congrats on your profits. Enjoyed!

  4. I like how these modern digital slots still have that big brass bell sound when you hit a bonus/jackpot! This was a nice treat to see all of these bonuses on this new game!

  5. Hey!! Hope that you are having a great week! take care and see ya soon!

  6. Nice last bonus! What do you think of this one Albert?

  7. That was a crazy roller coaster of fun! You must've accumulated a nice amount of coin-in points during that session which is always fantastic. Thanks for other fun video, glad you doubled. Good luck and stay well.

  8. Another great video Albert! Those were some gutsy bets! You made a great profit! Congrats! This looks like a very fun game!

  9. This game looks like a bankroll eater unless you can tough it out, well done Albert!

  10. I haven’t seen drop and lock. I like it!

  11. Awesome

  12. Your last 2 videos you've played are slot we don't have and my sis and I want to play them they look really fun and exciting! Man great game for you! Early casino date in the morning….gonna go get my over damn do jackpot!!!! Lol

  13. Awesome win!! I love your videos.

  14. You did good on this one!

  15. nice hits Albert!

  16. Man Albert- I thought it was hot OUTSIDE- but apparently it was smoking hot inside with u my friend- you were on fire with that one! Double up and everything! Great job!

  17. Wow you did pretty good on this. Congratulations Albert. Thanks for sharing.

  18. great comebacks!!! Keep it coming!

  19. Very nice wins. Congrats!!!

  20. Wow, you were on quite a streak with this one! Fantastic job Albert!

  21. This was great, Albert !! You dropped, locked, dunked, bubbled and bonused !!
    — James

  22. So glad to see and hear you back Albert ! Great video as usual !

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