★BIG WIN☆50 DRAGONS DELUXE Slot machine BIG or NOTHING $$ Only 4 free games choose $$ $2/3.00 Bet 栗

★BIG WIN☆50 DRAGONS DELUXE Slot machine  BIG or NOTHING $$ Only 4 free games choose $$ $2/3.00 Bet 栗

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I trying to choose only 4 free games if I get a bonus game.
Check it out !!

***KURI Slot**Slot Jackpot**Slot Handpay**Slot Big Win***
★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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43 комментария

  1. This machine very hard to win!

  2. I never go 4. 10 is better, especially if you get a retrigget

  3. These guy have the same luck as mine on these machine

  4. Payout on this game suck.

  5. That took a lot patience lol great win tho’

  6. Thats gotta be one of the worst games out there… i would never play that machine

  7. I have send it to you my email ok x

  8. You really believe in this slot machine. Your patience was rewarded! I do not like it very much…

  9. Well done gorgeous xx

  10. Wow…you play so fast…not desperate right

  11. Always like your videos but not too keen on the fast forwarding. It takes away the excitement. Congrats on the nice win.

  12. Too much adds goodbye kuri shots

  13. good win but why so fast with the sounds

  14. Great video! Congrats on some solid wins there :). Cheers!

  15. Cracking your gum is sooooo annoying

  16. Hi kuri how often do you play and do you have like a spending budget when you go.

  17. fantasia bb

  18. Γ.

  19. AND it only adds 1 on a retrigger where the other one ads 2! what a crock of shit. don't play this one

  20. and you get 5 games with 4 or 7 not 4 games!

  21. WHY is this slot only 4 and 6 wilds?? The ones I've played have 4 or 7… Is this a special shitty machine??

  22. Nice kuri

  23. This machine is too hard for me lol. Greaaaaat wiiiiiiin Kuuuriiii Saaaaannnn!!!! OHHHH they took out Money Vault at the Bellagio when I went there a couple of days ago!! NOoooooo!

  24. Great win!

  25. Woohoo, sweet minor followed by a great bonus! I love how you go for the big wins and choose the most volatility! 🙂

  26. They owe you more but good enough for now, keep it up!

  27. So whats the purpose of speeding up the video? I can't believe I'm the only one asking this.

  28. Like your video .you play really like

  29. Woho good win at the end 🙂

  30. I like how you sped it up. Fun to watch. : )

  31. Well, the Dragons and progressives delivered! Congrats! It was looking really bad at first!

  32. Very good win akafuji!!!

  33. I think this is a very hard game to win on. Good for you!!

  34. Nice job Kuri!

  35. What made you stay with this game? Thank you

  36. I really don't like the retrigger for this game. 1 game only?! It's a hard to get a retrigger. Better if there will be another feature round to choose from just like fortune deluxe or 5 dragons. Anyway, congrats Kuri.

  37. 1 spin for Retrigger was sad. Dang! Nice win to end it Kuri.

  38. Bravo girl! You're just ueber lucky Kuri-san! This game is so unpredictable. The further you push the harder you win! I've bet Euro 2.50, got bonus only 2 times, given me mega big wins, with all dragons on left lines and white pearls covered all lines 2,3,4,5 After these..I got nada!…

  39. I am so glad you won the minor progressive.  I didn't think you were going to be able to win choosing 4 games each time  — until you got that $459 progressive win to get you back in the game.  It was scary when the retrigger gave you just one spin too.  But you finished ahead — victorious again.

  40. Good bonus

  41. You always seem to pull through and recover on your gambling losses

  42. Nice job hanging in there Kuri and on getting the minor jackpot! I like this game, but have not yet gotten the bonus.

  43. Well, progressive appeared to be better than bonuses. Retrigger for only 1 spin was brutal. Nice going!

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