★BIG WIN ★FREE PLAY Slot Live ! How was result on FP☆GOLDEN CENTURY (DRAGON LINK) Slot machine☆彡栗スロ

★BIG WIN ★FREE PLAY Slot Live ! How was result on FP☆GOLDEN CENTURY (DRAGON LINK) Slot machine☆彡栗スロ

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  1. Then off video he lost every cent

  2. Anyone else get pissed off when these muppets have to hit the god dam button 8 times every spin

  3. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! Congratulations Kuriiii Saannnnnn!

  4. Nice run Kuri!

  5. congrats Kuri

  6. why frree play??????

  7. Double treat.  You and Albert both played Golden Century, Dragon Link today.  Albert did not do so well as you did — I wanted  you both to win more, but you were the luckier one today. Next time you both will win a lot I hope.

  8. Thanks again for the great video! Did you like this game enough to play it again?

  9. Great bonuses Kuri! I played this game a few days ago and during the bonus, got the doors on 12 of the 15 spaces and it opened to be the guy (wild symbol) and it paid really well! Did you try the other version, Happy and Prosperous? I didn't like it as much.

  10. Saved the best for last! Congrats Kuri!

  11. Your luck is amazing. You’re so patient. I tried this machine in Vegas and no coin bonus or regular bonus. You’re woodpecker must help somehow. Lol

  12. Yoohoooo…..!!!! Que sera..sera…what ever will be…will be…Kuri-san will never fail..I just knew it…. Lucky girl as always will be..!

  13. good win smart play.

  14. That last one was beautiful! Another great win Kuri!

  15. Am I the only one who hates button beaters?


  17. Wow — you have more patience than I do and it sure works out well for you.  Nice

  18. Good wins

  19. Great video. How often do you go to the casino.

  20. Love that game! Played it at the M, put in forty and pulled out 2,000. Great win. I really enjoyed watching!

  21. You did great kuri,i try last Thursday on this machine at San Manuel and lost again $1000,i will share that video a few days later,I am done there,i will not go SM anymore!

  22. Nice

  23. Very nice wins!

  24. I love to see you win!!

  25. KURI You did great from your free play, you were worried at 1st But in the end GREAT WINS!!

  26. Yet again another awesome video

  27. Kuri still alive…good, keep the videos coming

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