★BIG WIN ! 5 Treasures★ PHOENIX vs TIGER☆5 Treasures Slot (SG)★@ San Manuel Casino☆彡栗スロット

★BIG WIN !  5 Treasures★ PHOENIX vs TIGER☆5 Treasures Slot (SG)★@ San Manuel Casino☆彡栗スロット

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Phoenix and Tiger Choice on Bonus Round at San Manuel Casino
Check it out !!

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  1. Nice comparison. We know they can all pay and they can all be stingy too. Haha. I almost always pick the dragon when playing 5 gold symbols and the Phoenix when playing 4 gold symbols myself.. go big or go home.. haha

  2. Nice session Kuri I did enjoy Phoenix versus Tigers this was fun! You had some nice bonuses and a 5 trigger bonus, awesome. Congrats on your wins! 🙂 Jim

  3. Were all bonus rounds played on the same machine and on the same day?

  4. I always pick the Tiger! I've found that it's just harder to get those Phoenix hits — even though they pay more when they do hit a big one — the likelihood of you hitting several good Tiger spins is much better!

  5. What an awesome comparison. Tigers for the win….I know what I'll be picking. Great video!

  6. Mahalo from Honolulu

  7. KURI <3 <3 you!!!

  8. Always love with 5 sample bonus, nice hit on it .I always pick the tiger on this game

  9. Great win Kuri!

  10. Great video, Kuri! You found a really hot machine! Both bonuses were terrific. Congrats on Tiger win !

  11. Great Job! I've always done better with the Tiger as they seem to come out in fun groups with all their other Tiger friends! Fun Video and Very Nice Wins!

  12. Great video congrats.

  13. Thanks for visiting!

  14. Great Tiger Bonus $$$

  15. You're my favorite!, I wish to see you do live stream play. Thank you for sharing your video kuri!

  16. Very, very nice videos and wins. Congrats!

  17. I'm going to try it your way! That was awesome! On my way to the casino now!

  18. Thanks Kuri. Favorite game to play. Lost my butt this past weekend in Gulfport. Will try your way next month. Thanks for sharing.

  19. First!

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