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  1. Nice run on this one! I’ve not seen this part 2 version. Would love to give it a try!

  2. Great win

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, although The Hangover 2 was such a terrible movie, lol

  4. Great run Albert. I like most of the hangover games but miss the original so much.

  5. nic vid and win going to vegas for the first time ever hope get a hand pay cheers albert

  6. That was awesome session Albert, will play this game if it will be at Cosmo !

  7. The character line hits on this game are crazy! I was a big fan when I played it at Wynn and had a similar session, fyi, you weren't necessarily missing anything by not getting the free spins, I think my free spin bonus was 5x or something equally insulting, lol! Great session, Albert!!! 🙂

  8. Top man Albert great video as always love the commentary

  9. Great run! We never got this version and the first one was not as active as this one. ❤️

  10. Your video quality is just so good. It is really heads and tails above the rest! Keep up the good work! Hangover II is good … the movie was as good as the first one. Keep up the great work!

  11. That was so much freakin fun!!!! TYFS

  12. Good luck for $400 🙂

  13. Very fun session Albert. Always is when a machine like that is so active

  14. That was fun to watch,you the man!

  15. Nice win on this one! Too bad no free spin bonus.

  16. Wow I do believe hangover was on your side tonight!!! So much fun when active. Great video!!!

  17. I not only like the movie series, but I'm liking this game. Thank you for sharing. Great profit. Continued good luck my friend.

  18. Great video. It was a lot of fun just watching you play. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  19. That was a very good run. That machine is quite active and keeps you busy. I hope they are all like that but I think we all know better lol. I had a good run on the original machine at NYNY when they first came out. Stayed on it for about an hour and walked away quite a few hundred buck ahead when all was said and done. Thanks for showing us that machine, I am definitely going to give it a try when I go to Vegas next month.

  20. Very good. Glad you won. Congrats!

  21. Well THAT was Big Fun! On top of all the Great Wins — YOU stopped playing when you said you would! Fun Video!!!

  22. With you luck THAT'S the kind of machine you should play. I HATE all self pick bonus rounds. Interesting slot…. nice vid Al!!

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