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[ad_1] ★BIG WIN! SURPRISE WILDS!!★ THE BIG LEBOWSKI …WHO IS THIS ROBED MAN ON MY SCREEN? Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat). What a huge surprise to try out this new slot (based on the 1998 movie) and get on a very hot machine. I’ve played a lot of Aristocrat themed slots like Britney, Elvira, & Tim McGraw (all housed in the same cabinet) and expected this game to pay around the same, but it definitely paid better than what I’ve won on those. Maybe a fluke? For those that have played this game, what’s been your experience? 🤔 WARNING: this video features poor recording angles and chop-chop fast play. I didn’t expect to stay long on this game so my apologies!

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  1. What a run! The Duder was good to you! 🙂 Love the filming, felt like I had a ton of white russians right along with The Dude! 😉 Mr. CT tried this once and had a crappy bonus at max bet and didn't try for another. Game seems to put out more than Britney or Tim McGraw ever did! 🙂

  2. Fantastic run Albert ! The Dude Abides! I liked the original Big Lebowski movie good thing you stayed ! So hard to tell when to stay sometimes

  3. "Shut the f**k up, Donny!" Good showing, Albert, this game looks fun!

  4. Wow! Congrats, Albert! Was this in MD?

  5. Such a great movie, I forgot John Goodman was in it. Haven't seen it at Red Hawk or Thunder Valley yet. Great job!

  6. Wow you made it pay. And i got tickled every time you said Dan Conners. John Goodman will forever be known as that. Altering the pitch you sound all the other men in Somerset Ky haha. Love your natural smooth sexy voice best! No people im not flirting im just honest. Ok ok i might be a flirt but it just comes natural no harm intended.

  7. ahh the low voice segment is great. Music can get in the way sometimes ya know. Hate your luck……. fun watch. go AL

  8. Dan Conner from Roseanne? I didn't know he hung out with the dude!

  9. Sick run! I'll have to try this game out if I can ever find it. Haven't seen it at any of the 3 local casinos around here. Looks fun though.

  10. Nice win!

  11. I’ve never played this one. It looks fun! Thanks Albert.

  12. grats what a win

  13. Wish I had half of your luck.

  14. Great Run and What A Line Hit! Bonus games might be fun but with Line Hits like that, who needs 'em! Fun Surprise Ending!!!

  15. That was an awesome run on that machine Albert! Congrats! Loved the Barry White voice during the first bonus! Have a great weekend my friend and win big on those slots!!!

  16. This is the first time I actually see somebody winning on this game. You can actually purchase the Dude Bathrobe outfit as a Halloween costume on amazon.com if you're interested lol. Just as a side note, I won the mystery jackpot feature at $411 on the Michael Jackson slot last night on a $3 bet. And $50 on Britney Spears. I know how much you like that game (not). Great play, Albert.

  17. "Active machine." That's for sure. I've not seen this machine in my area. The 'rapid fire' gambling is jarring to me, though. I know you want to make things move along, and probably most people don't care. Maybe it's the sound of it on this particular machine. Congrats on your big win.

  18. Great win. Very nice to watch. Congrats!

  19. Far out!

  20. Great win Albert! I think that was the best I've seen anyone do on this game.

  21. I am viewer 246. Ha!! Surprised to see the features at the end!! Cha ching nice session!!!!

  22. What a great run and I think they did wonderful on this machine!!!! You should see the movie, it's hilarious TYFS!!!

  23. Damn that looks fun! Wish I would've played it in Vegas!

  24. cool ^^

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