★BIG WINS★BIG BETS★ Dancing Drums Slot Machine! BANG THAT DRUM!!!

★BIG WINS★BIG BETS★ Dancing Drums Slot Machine! BANG THAT DRUM!!!

[ad_1] Dancing Drums at Aria were Mrs. CT’s ATM in the early morning hours! She had two awesome sessions on them the two days we stayed there. Betting $5.28 (far more than she typically bets!) paid off BIG!!!
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  1. To day Lyon to be dog
    But good job girl

  2. i like watching your video. keep posting. hearing you talk is so relaxing unlike some of these youtubers, who yelled and cursed.

  3. Great video…lots of fun. continued good luck my friend.

  4. Honestly I got to tell you I love your videos!!!

  5. good wins.

  6. Rob and I have really been enjoying this game. Great video and wins thanks for sharing

  7. As you can see, I'm behind in viewing again…so I'll just say this is one of my favorite games and I'm always glad to see the two of you do so well playing. On to the next video!

  8. This why you alway goes for the 3 games bonus because you get the full value on the retrigger.

  9. Yay !! The curse of 5 symbols did not adapt! Great win on higher bet !

  10. I do love DD!!! those were some nice hits. Only 4 more lonnng days of work until I get my birthday trip to Mohegan. I literally have been counting the minutes every day . The weekends go by fast enough but damn the workdays have been brutal!!!

  11. I hit the Major on this at Foxwods for $800

  12. Awesome win guys, I love playing Fu Dao Le, in Monticello at Resorts World when they first opened I had gotten a natural bonus(no babies) on a $5.28 bet and babies came out and gave me one short of a full screen of gold symbols for a $2600.00 handpay (my first ever). But those bonuses can be very generous. Congrats again

  13. What a kickass bonus after that downer 1st one! Congrats guys!

  14. Wow, very nice bonus, Congrats!!!

  15. I wish the drums treated me as well as they seem to treat everybody else lol! I literally never win

  16. I always pick 10 games too chicken to pic less. I was laughing at the doggies. I think they are dragons! Good bonus!

  17. Doggies?

  18. Great wins. Fun video

  19. How the HECK does this video have a Thumbs Down??? That was a Really Good Win, especially on that hard game! I was really hoping to see you get that GRAND, but I guess the title of this video would have been a little different IF you had won it. Fun Video!!!!!!

  20. HOT MACHINE! ❤IT!!

  21. Nice bonus win!

  22. Great video. Congrats girl. Hope you hit the 19 grand soon. Luck n Cheers

  23. Yasssss!! Nice run!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is loving this game!!!!


  25. By far my favorite game in the casino these days. Bonuses for the most part are usually good if not great. Trigger pays are good too. I bet like you guys 264 or 528 and have had some monster hits recently on it. Keep the videos coming !!!! U guys are awesome!!!!

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