[ad_1] ★CLEOPATRA JACKPOT HANDPAY!★ BIG WIN!! BUT WHICH CLEO?! Slot Machine Bonus (IGT). Having experienced my first Cleopatra jackpot win earlier this year 2018, I set on a quest for my 2nd Cleopatra jackpot and I won it in Las Vegas a few months ago! See on which Cleopatra game! 🤩

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  1. Yes bro, 6000 quarters is a handpay lol

  2. Congrats Albert on this nice Handpay jackpot ! Love this Cleo 2, I got a MASSIVEEEEE HANDPAY on this one, will share soon!

  3. Never heard of Cleo pinball

  4. Always love playing Cleo2. Beautiful win Albert. I'm sending great wishes that the luck continues.

  5. I love Cleo II. My favorite machine of all time. Last week I found .10 cents in one machine, lowered it to 5 cents a hit. First bet it gave me $2.15, then free spins when I was at .60 cents and the free spins at 5 cents bet paid me $23.92. Walked away with $20 bucks I had lost earlier. ^_^ Best machine ever! When in doubt, play Cleo II. If she don't pay at large bets, lower the bet and she'll give. She always gives, just got to find the right bet. I always walked away with something with her, either with actual cash or great game play (1 hour play of enjoyment or more). She is the best around. I hope to someday get a handpay when I bet big. Thank you for sharing your winning experience with us.

  6. cleo 11 grats yu sure were lucky

  7. cleo is my ultamate favorite grats on yur handpay

  8. It's all about those retriggers! Congrats on a great ending.

  9. Nice Albert !!!!!

  10. Wow, fantastic win! Congrats!! That Cleo Gold was harsh, ugh!

  11. You did it again! Great wins Albert!

  12. Got to love that Cleopatra ll when you can get the bonus it can be sooo nice at times!! I got lucky in Vegas with it in May! Congratulations on the handpay Albert!!

  13. You can’t go wrong with Cleo2. I’m not a big fan of the newer versions of Cleo. Nice win. Boing boing boing!

  14. Great video. $$$

  15. I just don't know how the heck people win on Cleo!!!! I know I see it but really she talks all sweet and dirty to you and what… I get the silent treatment!!¡. Geeze! Happy note congrats Albert!!!

  16. Woohoo Congrats ✨✨✨✨

  17. Verrrrry Nice! I was wondering which one it would end up being and Cleopatra 2 is the WINNER… or, should I say "Albert is the WINNER!"!!! Fun Video!

  18. Congrats! And Mr CT and I love watching you do math! I know exactly where that machine is, lol!

  19. Congrats Albert on cleo2. So glad you retriggered. And at the very end at 21 times. Cheers friend

  20. Awesome Cleo 2 win !! Congrats

  21. HYL…..HYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good grief…. A just screwing around Hand Pay!! ah well…… fun to watch (in a painful sort of way). go AL go..

  22. Yes Cleo!! She made you wait until the end but it was worth it!

  23. Nice win Albert! Seems to be year of the Cleo for you : ). Revisit the Cleo Gold sometime, I think it can do well.

  24. Albert, new Cloe pretty tight!!! But Cleo 2, ALLRIGHT $$$$$$$ Nice Albert!!

  25. Very nice. Congrats!

  26. Awesome

  27. THat was awesome. Congrats! Maybe there'll be another one on Labor Day!

  28. Sweet Hand Pay Albert !
    I chose Pinball bonus one time, But I couldn't do anything because I hold my i phone and recorded video so !! Those bonus need Two hands. LOL

  29. Hey!!!!!congrats!!!!!!

  30. This game has not be kind to me at our local!!! Glad it was to you!

  31. Great video Albert as always ! I'm not a fan of Cleo. Nice win !!!

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