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  1. I won 7 hundred bucks yesterday on this machine…hit the major for 560

  2. Nice are u playing this at the cosmopolitan

  3. Fun slot machine!  Can't wait to try it!

  4. Did you hit your head on something?

  5. The bells are wild on the olvera st version. At my local (mohegan) these play just like yours did. 10 cents has paid me the most

  6. neat game, I'll have to try this one too. looked like fun!

  7. That's a neat machine! I hope my locals get it! Enjoyed your video and Congrats! ❤

  8. I like the screen growing in that feature…fun looking game. Great job, Diana!!!

  9. I think I like this slot looks a lot better than the lighting links. and I wish I do better than I do on the lighting links I all ways loose LOL. Thanks for posting.

  10. This is another fun version ! Thanks for sharing Diana, it was a nice video with nice wins

  11. This game looks like fun! Where did you play it? I haven't seen it yet, but I want to play it when I go later this month.

  12. Looks like Bally did a great job on this game, you did well on it and I can't wait to give it a shot!

  13. Congrats! Looks Like a New Fun Game!!! Thanks for Sharing!!

  14. I need to watch again when I am not so sleepy. Right now I don't know why one would play this game rather than lightning link or lock n link.

  15. thank you Diane! Love your videos!

  16. nice win

  17. That looks like a fun game . I hope to try the next time I am in Vegas.

  18. Great video

  19. This game is a throwback from old. super nintendo games like megaman. If u think about it it probably is but the game is interesting.

  20. the games get whackier, and the machines get  tighter , eh doll?

  21. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to get to Vegas to play that!

  22. Looks fun. I like all the games like lightning link.

  23. Hmm, I like this new lighting link on steroids, I will be on the lookout for it. Great video as always, Diana~

  24. That looks like a cool game! Thanks for sharing!

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