[ad_1] ★GLACIER GOLD ULTIMATE FIRE LINK★ QUICK SESSION BIG WIN! Slot Machine Bonus (Scientific Games). Revisiting this slot after having tried it in Vegas back in September. I had an awesome session in this video (just under 10 minutes) until I cashed out. What do you all think of the FREE GAMES feature? It’s different from the Olvera Street & China Street versions and I do like how you can keep getting extra +1 free games in this game. Unsure whether you can trigger the Ultimate Fire Link feature if you get 4 fireballs on the same screen though during the free games. Anyone know? 🤔 [ad_2]

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  1. Have a super Thanksgiving

  2. Glad you had some luck on those. I never did.

  3. WOW Albert would like to see that MAJOR there my friend , great session , I prefer UFA than LL or DL

  4. It was great that you were able to get the free spins bonus! You made a very nice profit! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  5. Dam you were feeling great this day

  6. Nice video as always ! So much fun to watch your play ! We love it !!!

  7. Nice session Albert! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family! Continue Good Fortune!

  8. Just realized this game doesn’t adhere to the strict 1x, 2x, 3x bonus multiple based on your wager.
    You were betting 500 units. Yet, you had several 750 balls in that first bonus.
    Not earth-shattering, just an interested observation.

  9. Balls of Fire, sir. Balls of Fire ☄️!!!

  10. I don't play this game strictly because I hate the way the "spin" of the balls happens in the bonus. Drives me bananas

  11. Very nice win! Fire link is one of my favs. I had the same look on my face as the dog did when you changed to the $1 denom! LOL Give me one of those progressives that start with an M — yes! I hope you catch one of those next time. Have a great week!

  12. Good to see you get the free games! Free games is really hard to get on these games. Great session and nice profit Albert! Funny you mention recording I just got hassled at my local San Manuel where recording is allowed! Video is on my channel by the way. Anyway great fun video Albert I enjoyed it as I do all the videos you post!

  13. Love this game! You did awesome Albert! Way to get the fireballs on a $10 bet!

  14. Very nice win Albert you seemed to play that machine just at the right moment , let's hope your luck carries over to Vegas.

  15. Way to go Albert, have a Happy Thankful Day!!! 😀

  16. I like those machines where u get the fireball value in regular bonus, my local casino does not have that exact machine, just the other ones…great video tho, congrats on the win!!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving week! I haven't seen this game but u do want to play it. I will keep my eye out. So just curious. Do you have a favorite game? Sound effects makes it meltdown and Megabucks for me oh and that chicken game. Think it's called Farmville where there is a fox and a chicken lays eggs in a nest. Lol it fun

  18. Great win, Al!! This can be tough to bonus on, but I kinda like it better than Lightning Link! Lol!!

  19. We played these last night during the live stream. Did not fair to well, but we won money last night.

  20. Have a nice Thanksgivings. You did very well, $300, on this game, congrats!

  21. great video

  22. Likeeeeeee friend

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