★HANDPAY JACKPOT★ High Limit Dancing Drums Slot Handpay Jackpot | High Limit Slot |Live Slot| CASINO

★HANDPAY JACKPOT★ High Limit Dancing Drums Slot Handpay Jackpot | High Limit Slot |Live Slot| CASINO

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22 комментария

  1. Finally Wow. I was getting nervous for you. So glad you got. Congrats friend. Cheers

  2. Lol, alright guys let's try 1 more time & by that I mean again & again & again & again cuz casinos love me

  3. This guys, is what gambling addiction looks like

  4. Now that's a crazy line hit! Too bad that second drum or the wild wasn't on reel 2! Congrats brother!

  5. What’s the song called in the beginning ?

  6. Nice drum

  7. Nice

  8. That's aesome bro idid my first ever on big 5 safari I got the lion progressive on the lions with doubles and x25 I hit a 1800 handpay on .75 cents bro I couldn't believe it congrats on your handpay brother

  9. That was a good my new friend I will be sure to watch your channel call ne Sandyman boy your stupid that's my saying good luck man

  10. Sweet win!!!

  11. Awesome hit!!! Whoa whoa

  12. Great video enjoyed every moment of it

  13. Hello NG j aime vos vidéos, je les regarde toujours, continuez comme ça, je vous adore

  14. Fantastic play and very sweet handpay!!!!

  15. wow nice sesh man

  16. And back to the spin!

    Bro, so nice. I have great luck on that machine.

  17. Im so glad you got your big win not many take chances like you. Thats why i love your game play amazing Thank you

  18. Nice win bro

  19. i KNOW you spend lot of money , casino is not free ,, I know this my self,, I never make video because I like to enjoy my self when I play.. belivening me or not, ones I go to the casino only $ 50.00, and I go home with …..$ 81 k 81 k and I play until morning , all casino looked me ,

  20. Good job NG

  21. What was your biggest handpay amount on Dancing Drums slot?

  22. Very nice video and fun to watch. Have a nice day.

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