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  1. Bless your heart. You kept trying to rationalize the FREE SPINS with upgraded BONUS or any BONUS for that matter. They are two different things. You never hit a BONUS.

  2. This game is really hard. Hardened players might enjoy cause if you stick with the game it can pay out well. Volatility is quite high!

  3. I love the old superheros like batman, wonderwoman, spiderman, superman. I'm glad they continue to live on as slot machines.

  4. Another great Albert video!!!!! TYFS

  5. Hi, I watch your channel because no slot channel drama just pure enjoyment from watching your video. Clean,nice and exciting entertainment. Thank you very much!! … I will keep watching !,

  6. 2:30 Lol your friend Chris too funny. Wish you could’ve showed their faces! Now Spider-Man should’ve paid you more on free games on $3 bet. Great line hits of $180. Wish could’ve seen bonus that was a lot of money going on to not see it. And you only got 1 spider on a line grow didn’t you? Should’ve been many times through out game

  7. You are a trooper. I had no idea playing this game what to expect. I put a ticket in and a few spins later I triggered the bonus = LOL! I will definitely be giving this another spin. You did well. Really enjoyed that line hit. Congrats Albert!

  8. It's great when you get an active machine. Nothing worse than playing a fun game like this and not getting any features. You had a great run!

  9. Nice play Albert, I never can hit at this machine, yesterday i was at SOBOBA casino and played this game, Lost $700 and didnt get free games !

  10. Tough Spider Game, Albert!!! Nice to hear from Miss Cathy!!

  11. Great video Albert…your patience paid off…walk away with a profit is always nice. Continued good luck my friend.

  12. "C'mon Peter Parker, put out!"

  13. Horrible game…

  14. get a slug hammer to that game

  15. I didn't like spiderman game…what a dud lol
    oh BTW thank you for for not using filthy language….it shows intelligence and respect…thanks

  16. Well, that hit with A's was impressive but I find little else interesting about this video. Fun Video!

  17. Good time to quit…while you're still ahead,

  18. At least you made a decent profit Albert! Congrats! I am not sure I am a fan of this game. It was nice hearing Miss Cathy's voice again!

  19. I like the fact that it's any ways pays and those A;'s did you good! I just don't think the game plays well with you, but I want to give it a try 🙂

  20. We need more photos of spiderman! Thats ya job! lol Nice win Albert! woooo

  21. Great entertainment again and nice to see you finish in the black, how did your buddy do on his bonus it would have been good to see the outcome?

  22. Better bonus bet…what a mind game!

  23. Nice run Albert and bonus at the end. I loved playing this game last summer at Cosmopolitan and had some good wins on it and a big win. I was playing it with better bonuses enabled. Unfortunately Cosmo removed it around the end of last year.

  24. Great line hits & ending bonus. Congrats on your winnings. Enjoyed the video, TY for sharing.

  25. Love your channel. I appreciate that you are not dropping the F bomb every other word and cussing. I don't mind cussing but some other channels its just over the top.

  26. Nice run, usually on most games the lower symbols don’t pay good. That was a nice line hit.

  27. Thanks for sharing I played this before I was recording and like you it took a lot of $$ but I did get Spider-Man to come out and give me the picking Bonus and I left with a profit. I didn't play it again LOL

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