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★HUGE BIG WIN! 15 BUFFALO HEADS FINALLY!★ BUFFALO GOLD (WONDER 4 SPINNING FORTUNES) Slot Machine (Aristocrat). After years of playing BUFFALO GOLD, I finally get my 15 gold buffalo heads! Now I can retire from this game! Or will I? 😉

NOTE: A common question I get from viewers is the bet size for the bonus. On these Wonder 4 games, the overall game bet is the total cost for playing all 4 games in base game mode ($7.60 for me). You could however play 1, 2, or 3 games instead of all 4. However, each game may cost a different amount. In my video, I played the following mix of games:
1. Brazil Gold ($2.00)
2. Whales of Cash Deluxe ($1.20)
3. Wild Lepre’coins ($2.00)
4. Buffalo Gold ($2.40) — The Buffalo Gold bonus I triggered was off a $2.40 game bet (x6 bet multiplier) with all pays evaluated against a $2.40 bet (not $7.60)

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Video outro courtesy of Jean-Luc Richard
Jean-Luc Richard:

34 комментария

  1. Amazing bonus

  2. Dude! You got it! You were soooo close a few weeks ago and BOOOOM! It happened! That was awesome! Very happy for you, sir!
    Bucket list ✅

  3. Yay Albert..you finally achieved the 15 heads ..nice win ya got there . Congrats !!!

  4. Great win man!

  5. Congrats on Breaking the Barrier. First time I've seen a four coin retrigger. Nice win.

  6. How do you do it Albert? You seem to be able to influence those machines like a snake charmer! I am glad you can cause some of your play is mesmerisingly enjoyable.
    Play on mate, you have a willing viewer here.
    Cheers again, Art

  7. Fun to watch

  8. Congratulations! The most free games I ever got on Buffalo was 40 games… 71 free games is incredible! What a fun run

  9. Love all those retriggers!! Great win and congrats on the 15 heads!!

  10. You are sooo deserving of being in the "15 Gold Head Club"….Congrats on that bonus with all those retriggers. My 1st time seeing a 4 coin retrigger. Now, off to your prev videos I've missed.

  11. Wtg Albert that was awesome. You were so calm getting the 15 heads I would have been screaming…. congrats to you joining 15 heads club.

  12. You can get 10's on the 5th reel but for some reason its rly difficult…why idk bc it's a low paying symbol. At any rate very nice run Congrats!

  13. Congrats on 15 gold head achievement.

  14. Congrats on hitting 15 Heads on this version of Buffalo. Even better that you kept it under a handpay. Well done sir.

  15. Yay!!! Welcome to the club … !!!! Very exciting video

  16. I accept…hahaha… so funny! Thank you for sharing, enjoy all your videos & comments. Hope your Good luck continues 😉

  17. I feel like 2-3 years back Buffalos were popping! Then it died down. Now I am seeing multiple 15 Head Buffalo videos. Maybe it’s time I hit them up again and try for my 15 head win!

  18. Way to go !!!! that was awesome

  19. I gave up but congratulations Albert! I think you will still give it a try again. U like timberwolf over buffalo

  20. Holy shit!! Ive noticed the exact same thing with 10s!! i never get a win with tens that has any on the 5th reel.

  21. So. Awesome. ALBERT !! You got the coin retriggers and gold heads in the perfect sequence !!
    — James

  22. Congratulations on the 15 Buffalo heads and your nice win.

  23. Wow

  24. Congrats on 15 Golden heads and great wins. Way to go Albert. Continue luck my friend 🙂

  25. Lol @ your reaction at the 4 coin re-trigger! Congrats on your bucket list win! Was never really into Buffalo Gold but I have tried it lately and it can be challenging! Best of luck and have a great day!

  26. I like BUFFALO everyday 🙂

  27. Welcome to the Club Albert. Awesome and fun video to watch. That 4 coin retrigger was crazy good. A big thumbs up and continued good luck my friend.

  28. I don't know why but I don't like multivideos

  29. Congratulations on 15! Maybe now that the challenge has been met once they'll come around more often!

  30. Congratulations Albert and welcome to club!!! I like shout out to Slot Traveler & NG!!! The power of Mini Jackpot showed up right after you mention NG Name! Lol Have a great week my friend! Continue good fortune!

  31. Well done Albert. I love to see you win on this game.

  32. super stuff !

  33. Congratulations on joining the 15th Buffalo Head Club. Great win Albert!

  34. Did you get a little nervous around spin 50? I did, even though I knew it worked out, lol! Soooo happy for you Albert! Welcome to the club!

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