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★HUGE WIN★OMG★ MASSIVE BALLS!!! Screaming Links Slot Machine

★HUGE WIN★OMG★ MASSIVE BALLS!!! Screaming Links Slot Machine

[ad_1] We love this new lightning link clone! It features orbs that drop and will double the center ball, you’ll see that this works out very well for Mr. CT!
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26 комментариев

  1. that was a great time thank you

  2. something about a girl screaming for balls

  3. That's awesome!!!

  4. Very nice win congrats

  5. Great balls of Fire! Congratulations!

  6. Yessss Awesome wins Congrats! Seems like anything with balls is good lol! And it was nice meeting you too I had a blast!!

  7. Wow! That was simply amazing! A BIG congrats to you!!

  8. Congratulations that was fabulous!!!!


  10. Never saw this machine!

  11. Wow that last bonus was amazing I'm going to re-visit this game congratulations

  12. Great job!!! That's the way to play 🙂 always great to see you guys hitting it and just enjoying keep it going!

  13. OMG… what a sweet win… Congrats… Jim in NY

  14. Great bonus wins my friend. We want to play this game.

  15. Very nice win!!!

  16. That was Awesomeeee!!!!

  17. That was great! Thanks for sharing.

  18. bullshit after all.

  19. I take it back really???????????????????

  20. well I am waiting for the huge win!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. how is this a huge win??????????????????????? OMG????????????????

  22. Awesome win! Congrats 🙂

  23. What a fun game, and a great win. Thanks for sharing!

  24. What casino is this at? If Foxwoods where about?

  25. Nice job!! I wondering when you were gonna figure out it as $800 in the middle LOL!!!2 cent machine screw me up too, I forget I'm playing them sometimes. That does look like a fun game. I'm guessing this was in AC?? I haven't seen it here.

  26. He's got the biggest, balls of them all!

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