[ad_1] BIG WIN!! Trying out the new IRON MAN slot machine by WMS/SG. Started with $100.00 and cashed out up a lot more than I expected! It says more IRON MAN features awarded if you bet more so I was max betting $4.50 throughout this session on 2 adjacent machines. Make sure to check out my Facebook page, Twitter page, and my sponsor at the links below and share some love by leaving a like if you enjoyed watching this video! Thanks everyone for watching! 😊

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  1. too much movie and zero payment.

  2. you're in such a hurry. its not enjoyable to watch

  3. where was the big win?

  4. wow way too intense for me. congrats on the win!! lol

  5. wouldnt waist my time

  6. Wow I did not know that this game was capable of turning 100 into 600. It always took my 100 within couple mins. You are a lucky guy 🙂

  7. that's a big win ???

  8. My luck is always the other way around. I usualy put in 600$ before I get 100$ back XD fml

  9. Some great clickbait.

  10. Nice ! Checkout my streams

  11. Congrats on the win..BUT this game is too hard on my optic nerves and cerebral cortex.. lolz.

  12. Wow sick interactive game. Alot going on there,but looks like fun!!

  13. nice win 🙂

  14. Would you recommend me to play this game at the casino??

  15. Albert you had a great run on this one. Iron Man has not been kind to me. Great showing.

  16. ohh I love this slot game . this was so lucky to play it. happy new year

  17. cool

  18. This game is so unfinished and it makes me sad. Bonus music cuts out when you skip intro, there's a big pause on the wild reels bonus, house party bonus is so obviously pre-determined, and those picks on the picking bonus are blank….BLANK!!! omg…blank picks on a slot game??? Come on WMS/SG….LOL. Fun video Al…great win too.

  19. What a great win. I think this is the first time I actually watched Iron Man all the way through…I'm really not up on my super heros — If it's not Superman or Batman, I don't know who the guy in the crazy costume is. LOL I think this 7 reel game may be a first for me too. Don't really need any of those when we've got you to rescue us, Albert. You're our hero.

  20. Nice

  21. We are so lucky we seen only winners even we knows there is no winner cause at the end we loose but our false belief keeps let us play and keep loosing

  22. Great run! Love finding those hot machines! 🙂 Congrats Albert!

  23. I thought you were going to lose your hundred bucks! Great comeback…….

  24. Nicely Done Albert Great Run!!!!

  25. Very interesting game. But $4.50 bet is too much for me ! lol
    Thanks for the sharing Albert !

  26. Awesome video, Albert!!! This video has convinced me to give this game a try sometime now hahaha. Great wins!!! Congrats!!!

  27. Excellent. Surprised to see so much time spent in the bonus. Nice Win!!

  28. Great session, Albert! Well done! Thanks for sharing! Congrats!

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