[ad_1] ★JACKPOT HANDPAY! TOP SCREEN!!★ MASSIVE BIG WIN! HAO YUN LONG (Aristocrat) Slot Machine Bonus. This is my VERY FIRST jackpot win on an Aristocrat GIMMIE GAMES game. I hit the top screen that you can get on this game at $3.00 max bet so this is PERFECTION! 😍 [ad_2]

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  1. hello very good the video, you understand everything, keep uploading more videos, good wishes for you in this projec

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  3. Awesome, congrats!

  4. Congrats on that great spin (hand pay).

  5. Awesome Jackpot Handpay Albert. Congrats!!

  6. Yaaaayyyyy, Albert!!! That was fun to watch!

  7. Damn you killed this slot bro! Sands has these by wonder 4 buffalo gold and I thought they were garbage lol. I'll have to try it again now. Congrats on another Aristocrat Handpay buddy!

  8. That was awesome Albert!!!

  9. Albert,You of all people appreciate and enjoy those jackpots more than any other slot channel! Thanks for sharing.

  10. That was beautiful!!! Congrats Albert.

  11. You seem to be having a long run of big wins. Just stay alert. I did the same thing for quite some time and then the magic was gone almost instantly but I just kept trying to no avail to get it back. It never happened. That's how I got addicted so bad. It will always without fail come to an end sooner or later. I've never had a friend that was a gambler that didn't have an amazing run of luck and then the lights went out. Not trying to be a downer but the luck eventually runs out for everybody. I hope you learn when to quit before I did. It can cause some serious damage to people. That's why governments are addicted to gambling. They love the revenue from the casinos. I watched an interview with Steve Wynn once and when asked if he ever gambled he said never once and never would because he's not stupid. He said he had never seen anyone that walked away with any money they had won in the long run no matter what they won. He hit the nail right on the head. He said you don't think these multi-billion dollar resorts were built on winners, do you? Just don't let it pull you too far down.

  12. What a fantastic handy followed up by an almost 100x win, nothing to complain about in my book!!!! TYFS

  13. Nice hit!

  14. It's so beautiful !! Great HP Albert !! Thank you for sharing !!!

  15. ok.. I officially hate you now…… congrats.. take a pic of that screen and make it your phone backround. That's what we all play for…..

  16. Beautiful hit!! Congratulations!

  17. awesome Albert, jackpot!!

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