★MASSIVE BIG WIN!★ $8.88 FU DAO LE & 88 FORTUNES (JACKPOT!!) Slot Machine Bonus (SG)

★MASSIVE BIG WIN!★ $8.88 FU DAO LE & 88 FORTUNES (JACKPOT!!) Slot Machine Bonus (SG)

[ad_1] ★MASSIVE BIG WIN!★ $8.88 FU DAO LE & 88 FORTUNES (JACKPOT!!) Slot Machine Bonus (SG). It’s the BATTLE OF THE BABIES on FU DAO LE & 88 FORTUNES! This is also my 1st time doing a $100 session at $8.88 MAX BET on FU DAO LE. See how I do on both games! 😉 [ad_2]

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  1. That is what got first win 225$ with the free spins on this game

  2. tickle the babbies everytime you play and you will win

  3. You pretty much need to get the bonus on this game then get the babies during the bonus for a super big payout otherwise it just doesn't pay very well

  4. I love that you have a chance for those progressives even on low bets! Great job

  5. Awesome great hit

  6. Finally here's someone winning more than just a mini or major, lol! Congrats, Albert!!

  7. Way to go,I subscribed,,I actually thought I subscribed along time ago, because I like your videos.

  8. On .88 cents…..that was shocking and a great win! Way to go Albert!

  9. great hit on 88 fortunes 9 times out of 10 its the mini

  10. Congratulations

  11. You are on a roll this month! And the big win again on those last $4.00. That is really becoming a pattern. Congrats!

  12. what a hit Albert I never do good on that game good luck and may God bless yiu

  13. Today's the 16th, so instead of a Happy Valentine's Day (posted date), I'll wish you a Happy Chinese New Year instead.  Year of the Dog.  Very nice film of the MGM National Harbor's New Year Decorations — and a wonderful Major Jackpot win on 88 Fortunes.  $1122.  I guess I know which game's babies I'd want to sit with.  Scary betting $8.88 a spin on Fu Dao Le.  Could you have bet that much on 88 Fortunes too?  That wouldn't have changed your jackpot, would it? Great win, Albert.

  14. Congrats Albert!!! Wow!! 88 cents!!! Noce

  15. Yesterday, I also hit a major($833) with a .88 bet on Da Ji Da Li.  Was shocked as you were in the video. Woohoo for us. I won't bet high any more. Congrats….no taxes out, better than a hand pay.

  16. OMG Albert, we're twins, same bet size too and almost same amount! My reaction was slightly different than yours, lol! Do you think if we picked together we can land the grand?!?! 😉 My favorite part was still you asking for a happy ending while playing fu dao le! Congrats on the Major!

  17. Nice hit Albert

  18. Wow just like that nice win

  19. Nice!

  20. Wow you where brave 8.88
    Awesome ending.
    Congrats to you
    Thanks for sharing Albert

  21. Albert… are you in the DC area? MGM is my home casino

  22. Wow WOOO HOOOO Congrats.. i usually get mini on these games. Niceee Alberr

  23. All aboard the Money Train! @4:06

  24. Good wins

  25. congrats bro, lovely ending of this video and a very nice win

  26. Congrats Albert on the fabulous win on 88 Fortunes and on a 88 cent bet too. Love that game!

  27. I'm going to take that? Please

  28. So hitting more than a mini or minor is possible…congrats…

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