[ad_1] MEGA BIG WIN! My BIGGEST win ever on the original BIER HAUS G+ slot machine. $2.00 BET (5c nickel machine). This is then followed by an incredible BIER HAUS win I watched where a lady hit a FULL SCREEN of Heidi bonus symbols (have NEVER seen that in person). You can almost hear the drool coming out of my mouth LOL 😜. This is what us fans of the game dream for when playing this slot. Happy Oktoberfest!!

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  1. the full screen was so erotical

  2. I don't understand how you can be such a winner and I walk out a loser lol

  3. I hate this game have never gotten any bonus

  4. I've seen this game in the local casino. It looks interesting. Now I'm craving some beer. Do you get another bonus or paid more money for a screen full of Heidi's?

  5. I saw someone play Heidi at the Beau Rivage casino Biloxi and she was playing $5 bet and got a bonus with 90 spins and got $4600.00!

  6. I went and played this machine just yesterday and won 643$ on the penny one 3$ bet and my sister played on the Heidi machine next to mine and won 822$ on a 6$ bet

  7. Nice video Albert. Always difficult for me to get the bonus on this game so must play it more when I go in March 2018. Do you know how many spins a full screen of Heidis would have got that woman?

  8. Cheers

  9. Wow, that was a great bonus on a nickel machine — congrats on achieving a new "best" for Bier Haus. I am sure you'll be recording a Bier Haus handpay in no time.


  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE Bier haus, play it whenever i can online. i have had a few decent hits on it. Check em out on my channel (",)

  12. How much spins is a full screen?

  13. nice win! My wife hit 70 spins (was missing 2nd reel bottom and 4th reel top) today with 2 stickies (3rd and 4th reel) at .40 min bet and only won $70 ; (

  14. today I got a full screen for a dollar bet, I stopped it myself, I had 4 wilds, 1 in each row except the last one, I stopped it the whole way threw my 60 spins, 820.00$$

  15. At the end I just wanted to reach out and shove the guy in the sweater to the left and say "Seriously buddy! He's trying to film here. Get out of the picture!!!" Anyways..good for you and just wow.

  16. Some guy in Elko Nv. did the same thing—but on DIMES instead of pennies. He got the full screen of Bier girls just like the lady in this video (with NO HOLES; every spot was a Bier girl), which triggered the bonus, and gave the maximum possible number of free spins. His total take for that one bonus exceeded $13,000. This was awhile back, like maybe two years ago (possibly in 2014), give or take, but I remember it well, as they had a poster near the main cashier (at Gold Dust West, Elko) showing the win with the full screen of Bier girls and the jackpot amount showing on the screen of the "locked up" machine (locked up, because it was in the "hand pay" mode and could not be re-spun until the jackpot was paid, and the machine reset for game play, being that it was a "taxable" win—that is, a win over $1,200).
    Yep, it happened at Gold Dust West Elko, and if you talked to someone in the slot department who was there the day it happened, I'm sure they'd probably remember it.
    There ain't nothin' like getting a full screen of the free games trigerring symbols. It's only happened to me ONCE, on a penny Quick-Strike, where I got a full screen of triggering symbols, and won 450 free games. I was betting 90 cents, and was given the option to play all the free games or select a credit prize in lieu of the free games. I took the free games (which most people who play a lot of quick strikes agree is the wiser choice), but did not do as well as I expected to. I re-trigerred more free games a few times during the free games, and got nearly 600 free games total, but only pulled down about $350 on the bonus. I was expecting more, because I had seen some lady hit a ton of free games, and she also re-triggered a ton more; I'm pretty sure she got close to a thousand free games at 225 credits bet, and she pulled down OVER 2 grand in her bonus. But she was getting a lot of good hits, and I never actually got a killer hit myself. Just a lot of dry spins, and mostly piddly hits which ADDED UP to $350 in the end.
    At any rate, you USUALLY can't go wrong filling up your screen with free games trigger symbol! Cheers!

  17. Great win, i love this game

  18. Great Win:)

  19. Love the bonus.. WOW at the end she got the whole screen filled . awesome

  20. That's a couple of great wins! I love this game and can't wait to see the future versions! I thought for sure she would trigger the progressives.

  21. Damn, maybe we plan a trip to Hooters our next Vegas trip! They have great wings, lol! Great bonus Albert!

  22. WOOHOO! Albert, I can hear you drooling from here. Oh wait, that's me spilling my sprite while cheering you on. Great win my friend, altho I wish your win was either $1.00 more or $1.00 less. (I don't like 666). I'm really glad that you hit a good one tho. Keep the luck going at full speed. I am "1ten2"

  23. Wow, how much did that lady with the full screen hit?

  24. Congrats on your new best and WOW, that was an insane win by her for that 1.20 bet!

  25. Great win Albert ! I would've pushed the guy in the sweater blocking my view ! Lol

  26. Wow, Nice Wins for both of you. I would have been drooling too. I was the day I recorded someone else's $25000. hand pay. Thanks Albert!! Nice job!

  27. Excellent win on Bier Haus Albert. Everything lined up for a perfect BIG win. Love this game. Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. aww I had a fullscreen minus 2 spaces once on a 40p spin and only ended up with £180 or so. I was chuffed but now I have seen this I feel denied. Never hit anything since. Hard game.

  29. WOW It's my dream. Full screen bonus !!
    Your game was super nice Albert ! Please don't drink too much ! lol

  30. Congrats!! I NEVER have any luck at this game, regardless of amount of bet or where I am playing it!! =( Nice Win!!

  31. How much did she win?

  32. Awesome video Albert! Closest I have been was 4 away from full screen bonus on a 50 cent bet. Not that many purple heidis though!

  33. Super nice win!  Love that Bier Haus.  Congrats!   I feel for the lady, it's hard enough to stay composed, but with a gallery behind you it's got to be nerve racking.

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