★MEGA MEGA BIG WIN ! (3x 5x)★Wealthy Monkey Slot (Konami) Live Play & Huge Bonus @ San Manuel ☆彡栗

★MEGA MEGA BIG WIN ! (3x 5x)★Wealthy Monkey Slot (Konami) Live Play & Huge Bonus @ San Manuel ☆彡栗

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WEALTHY MONKEY (KONAMI) $2.40 ~$3.00 Bet @ San Manuel
Check it out !!

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★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. Yass!!! I tried this game once but didn’t have the patience lol! Wow! Amazing win! Congrats!

  2. Luv a bonus when wilds are multipliers….that 3x-5x bonus was awesome…as was your other hits.

  3. Awesome, congratulations, I hope I get as lucky like you.

  4. WOW!! Congrats! That was awesome win on the last bonus Kuri. Great video & good luck to you.

  5. Coming to you from Akafuji. She said it’s her family channel. So I subscribed.

  6. Excellent play!

  7. We have the most Konami in the World!

  8. Those multipliers dropped so nicely! I love this Wealthy Monkey! Congrats KURI! 🙂

  9. All these games starting with $50 were nice, and you made money on them all — but nothing compared with that last game and $773.45 win. I'm happy for your nice win and I hope you do just as well next time you play. You and Akafuji are both very lucky.

  10. Awesome Kuri!!!!!

  11. Congrats Kuri you had some great sessions especially the last one. The multiplier in the bonus makes the very volatile! I can see why this is one of your favorites. Jim 🙂

  12. WOW! Of course this is your favorite game. You're so lucky with your sessions! Congrats! Keep up the good workk.

  13. Dang no wonder you love this game. Seems like the bonus was pretty easy to get then each payed very well then that last one was excellent

  14. The last bonus explained why u love this game. Nice

  15. Woo if tou would of got one more at the end. $$$$$ awesome thanks

  16. I love this slot I haven’t seen it yet but will look for it. Awesome win!

  17. You had a nice gamble, congrats!

  18. That was such an Amazing Win! Wow! Very Fun Video!!!

  19. Niiice! Good job.

  20. That was awesome. I have to find this at my local in Tampa fl

  21. Nice

  22. Very nice win Kuri. Congrats!

  23. Wow! That was awesome! Congratulations.

  24. Love those multipliers!

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