[ad_1] ★MIGHTY BIG WIN! NEW SLOT!★ OUTBACK BUCKS MIGHTY CASH Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat). Trying out the new OUTBACK BUCKS slot machine in Vegas. Put in $10.00 at minimum bet to see whether there was anything interesting or unique with the bonus features and boy was I surprised! The trigger screen pay for the MIGHTY CASH feature is summed up and that amount is awarded each and every time you get the OUTBACK BUCKS symbol in any spot on the screen. Very different from many of the other MIGHTY CASH games. [ad_2]

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  1. Could you imagine having one of the bigger 3 jackpots in the original bonus trigger on Outback Bucks and that being added every time you land that tree symbol, then having your total doubled for filling the screen?

  2. Fantastic win! If I see this game I am only going to bet .70 cents on it! 🙂

  3. Yaaayyyyyyyyy, Albert!!!! That low rolling win was FANTASTIC!!! Nice, fun wins all the way around! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Nice win now get a cup of coffee and take a walk down the strip enjoy you day.

  5. Very, very nice wins. Congrats!!

  6. Wow that's a heck of a return on investment! If I ever see this game I'll definitely give it a shot.

  7. Damn, nice low-rollin run. I never seen this version of Mighty Cash. That was awesome, congrats!

  8. Niiiiice!!! Your timing is on point! I don’t think you should leave the casino any time soon. Lol

  9. MGM National harbor … I will try these games next time I go there ..

  10. That Outback Bucks Slot was CRAZY! I would never imagine that 70-Cents could win THAT! Also, nice job on the white Kitty Mighty Cash! Fun Video!

  11. Great video and wins Albert. I really like that Outback Bucks game. Was it at MGM National Harbor? Keep it going and continued good luck my friend.

  12. Wow that was awesome…
    .70 cent wow that was great.❤

  13. This. Is. Great !!! — James

  14. fantastic

  15. Wow, $500 in wins on those two at .70! That is pretty freaking great. Congrats, Albert! I will have to look for this version.

  16. Wow, phenomenal ! Last night I got a nice 250x win on Mighty cash, and later another 150x win on it. Great machine when it’s hot, and bonusing. Can be pretty brutal as line hits are far and few between, and don’t pay much, but that hold and spin is pretty lucrative ! Great session and best of luck to you

  17. I am def looking forward to playing that new Mighty Cash! That feature is like Mrs Cashman! Big potential! Great wins Albert!

  18. Holy moly Albert do you need some neosporin for those burns…cuz you were on FIRE!!!!! That was awesome congratulations.

  19. WOW amazing wins for a low bet congrats. I wish I can win that big when I'm low betting all the time.

  20. Oh see below. Not suck luck should be such luck!!! Still giggling!

  21. Loved those 70 cent bets! Suck luck!! I have been playing lower bets cuz I don't want a hand pay…lol couple years ago at tax time my hubby about killed me! He also had a couple hand pays too. Arkansas is a state that also wanted a cut even though I paid Oklahoma. I still don't get it! Thanks for the show!

  22. The casino will be "adjusting" that Mighty Cash machine or removing it from the floor all together very soon. LOL

  23. The OUTBACK BUCKS is a good game based on your play. That machine was hot waiting for you, congrats!

  24. Great run, Albert! That was definitely some Mighty Cash! Congrats!

  25. Wow! You had some very nice wins Albert! Congrats! Those .70 bets paid off for you big time! I haven't seen any of these games yet but will definitely play them! Again ,congrats!

  26. Freaking awesome win

  27. Congrats on the win!

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