[ad_1] ★NEW BUFFALO SLOT!★ BUFFALO THUNDERING 7S & FIESTA PEPPERS BIG WIN! Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat). Trying out this NEW new mechanical 3-reel Buffalo slot machine in Las Vegas this past weekend. The progressive was all the way up at $998,393 and change! I didn’t win it 😉

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  1. Oh Damn! $150 i think is the best win on this buffalo game on You Tube! Totally should have cashed out! However I know the feeling of wanting to play a game and going for it. IGT and less than 100x massive win is a joke, but that cash in the pocket! Congrats on the Fiesta win! Awesome line up!

  2. I won $2800 on this 2 months ago at Mohegan Sun. It's the $5 denom version.

  3. Wow! The new Buffalo game is tough….TOO tough! nice hits on the others!

  4. I played this buffalo game at Thunder Valley. I did get a line hit for 400+ dollars after a few spins at max bet. Cashed out immediately and haven't tried it since.

  5. Game looks tough but I still can’t wait to play it !

  6. At least you won your money back on other games

  7. That Buffalo 7 game is BULL

  8. Albert I would not play this game at all. They made this one to sucker in money.

  9. Fiesta Peppers has a similarity from Gold Bar Sevens.

  10. This game is horrible

  11. Would never put any money in this piece of junk!!

  12. I'm late but way to go albert!

  13. Nice video Albert. Bonus spins did not pay you much, except nice line hit wins. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That was a sweet screen of green 7s!

  15. I've seen other play that Buffalo game and their luck has been about like yours. I won't be playing that one, for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Very nice wins, AL! I would have ran with the $200! I am so excited to play Thundering 7s! Lovin all these NEW 3-reel SLOTS!

  17. WOW that new Buffalo slot totally blows!!!!! What a terrible first impression. Nice win on Wild Fury and the new Peppers!!!

  18. You will never know what you will win when you stop free games ( that why you only got ten)

  19. Mean ol' Buffalo!!! That is a tough game. I don't think I've seen a really good bonus on that game yet (on youtube). Nice hit on the Fiesta Peppers. Does that game have an actual Bonus? Fun Video!

  20. Oh, no.  Not another version of Buffalo.  I don't think I'll play this one — I'll encourage Akafuji to play it instead.  She's the best 3 reel slot player anyway.   Glad to see a win of $187.50 on Fury.  That game looks so promising to me, but it never gives me anything.  Fury makes me furious.

  21. Nice wins! I enjoy seeing these new games. Since Aristocrat acquired VGT it seems they are creating more 3-reel games (sort of like the 3-reels I play). They have some differences of course but it's interesting that they are going to the 3-reel style.

  22. That Buffalo game reminds me them new VGT game…garbage lol. But the last game is like a VGT. The win happens instantly without giving you time to record the action and only letting you catch the endgame. Welcome to the VGT world lol. Nice gameplay Albert!

  23. Albert that Buffalo game ain't worth an old chicken egg..But I do enjoy watching you play…

  24. So odd to see a Buffalo slot on 5 lines. I'm thinking a 25 cent version might be more my speed. Wild Fury is so fun! Nice job Albert!!

  25. Cashing out is so hard!

  26. I so wanted buffalos 7's to be fun, but honestly it's the worst iteration of that IP to ever be born. Such a terrible and unfun game.

  27. Buffalo game looks interesting! Nice wins!

  28. wow nice job very exciting

  29. Haha! "Last one…. eeeeeeeeeeeh all in!" Hopefully that game will treat you better next time!

  30. Another great video Albert! I wasn't impressed with the Buffalo 7s game. I think I prefer the other Buffalo games.. That wild Fury bonus was great! I hope to play it if we get to Vegas this year. I am not sure we will even get to go. Teachers are on strike down here in West Virginia and I am not sure what is going to happen. I might have to use my Vegas fun to pay the bills if we are out for an extended period of time. Always enjoy your terrific videos!

  31. Wish you had better luck on Buffalo. Never been a big fan of 3 reel games though. The only ones that I've really enjoyed over the years were the Wonka 3 reel/corresponding clones, and that's likely because the play the closest to a regular video slot.This game, and the 88 Fortunes types that have come out recently are making strides though.

  32. Thanks for sharing Albert ! I’ve played that dollar buffalo about 5 times already and the best win I got was 200 from a bonus round with retriggers. One bonus paid me NOTHING. LOL. I am done with dollar buffalo !

  33. 88 fortune 3 reels is prettier than this new Buffalo, it feels awkward and not logical.

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