[ad_1] ★SEINFELD SUPER BIG WIN! BIGGEST ON YOUTUBE! ★ MAX BET RUN! Slot Machine Bonus (SG). This was an amazing and fun session on the new SEINFELD slot machine by Scientific Games. Started with $100, but I couldn’t trigger the bonus (not one single bonus in my entire session). Instead, I kept getting the random SEINFELD feature which is actually my favorite part of this slot. Later in my session, I activate the «MORE & BETTER SEINFELD FEATURE» which really did seem to give me more frequent occurrences of the SEINFELD feature. See how I did and see which paid the best (MORE & BETTER disabled or enabled)! 😍 [ad_2]

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  1. Fun and fancy , you rock .congratulations

  2. Wow nice run on Seinfeld!!! That 5X full screen was awesome!!! Hope ya make some monies in Vegas but more than monies I hope you make some great memories! Stay safe and have fun!

  3. I’ve given this game 3 tries. $100 each time playing minimum bet 90 cents and never got a line hit bigger than 10 cents

  4. wow

  5. Super fantastic bonus Albert

  6. Nice win. Congratulations

  7. Where areas that contain a statewide area progressive meter that never stops running, five jackpots on dead center line of Kramer’s Reels with max bet wins the grand progressive.

  8. Those were some great wins!!! TYFS

  9. THAT was A Great Run! I didn't expect that one win to be any where near that big! Fun Video!!!!

  10. That was AWESOME!Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great wins! This is one of my favorite newer games!

  12. The sounds in this game are annoying, so I won't be playing it.  Glad you had some wins though!

  13. Amazing! However I would have thought a bit closer to a jackpot but still so rare and beautiful screen! Congrats Albert!

  14. Nicely done, good luck in Vegas bud!

  15. Omg that was an amazing feature Albert!

  16. That was a great win yes.

  17. I wonder if the actors got recompensed for their likenesses and voices.
    Or, does the production company simply own all of that content? Hmm. Anyway.
    Love to see that Max Multiplier pay off !!!
    — James

  18. Those were some fabulous special features u got there!

  19. That was very Sponge Worthy!!!! Hot Slot $$$

  20. … my casino doesn't have this game… seems kinda complicated… looked like you were enjoying t though… nice wins guy…

  21. Nice wins Albert but definitely my least favourite game, when did you say you would be in Vegas again as Darren is going there in three days?

  22. Man, that machine was generous.

  23. Full screen with 5X, havn't seen one of those on the Seinfeld. Congrats on the big win!

  24. haven't seen one of those yet…… it look huge.. and the bonuses seem so long (which is good)… maybe my local casinos don't consider it worth the cost. Nice hit AL.

  25. Wow, that was an incredible hit! That said, how many lines is each reel once they're separated, only 9? When I saw that it was paying $90 a line, I thought you were gonna have a huge jackpot.

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