[ad_1] ★SUPER BIG WIN!!★ BULLETS & BRACELETS WONDER WOMAN $5.00 MAX BET! Slot Machine Bonus (SG). Wonder Woman to the rescue! BIGGEST bonus win so far on YouTube on this new slot although I would absolutely love to see someone hit a jackpot handpay to show it can be done! This video is dedicated to my wonderful viewer and friends Diana Prince & Jill Archer who just 😍 the Wonder Woman slots!

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  1. So many movie clips. Stubbornness pays off lol

  2. Wow! AWESOME bonus!!

  3. Hey Albert! Great video! WW loves you!! I tried this one for the first time last week and got the random bonus, but just credits and no free games.

  4. Good job on Wonder Woman. That last bonus is definitely where the wins are in this game. You once again showed how it's done. Congrats Albert 🙂

  5. Good job Albert. You are a WW die-hard. I played this game last night at Buffalo Creek and had a horrible experience. This is twice now. The pays are definitely low in general and it is low on features. I put in $130 and bet only $2.00 and got no features and no bonus. Ripoff. I won't be playing this much if ever, moving forward. Not worth it, even though I love me some Wonder Woman!

  6. Yeah!! money back 🙂 Great wins

  7. I want to like the new Wonder Woman but I really like the old one better. The movie was one of my favorite comic movies of all time though. Thanks for showing this.

  8. Oh Wonder Woman. Someone must be drooling over the machine

  9. Very nice win. Congratulations

  10. My leve of disgust of you is reaching uncharted territory….. fun vid…..but GAHHH…

  11. Great win and video thanks for sharing

  12. Very solid bonus Albert! I’ve had no luck on this game but I’ve never had enough balls to bet max for more than $100. Glad you got your money back. I loved the split screen flashback to the handpay. Content just keeps getting better!

  13. Bad Albert….hope this can be a lesson to stop when you are winning…..but anyway nice to see those WILDS coming  and winning it back…Good Job….

  14. Nice. Surprise you didn't get any wilds on the 5th reel

  15. First, I "Really" like that Coin Show! I've seen some really nice ones BUT this coin show is So Pretty and I like the way it comes towards the player and all the sparkly things!!! Next, Wow! You really DID want to get a Free Game Bonus although it did cost you a bit, BUT you did indeed get an Amazing Bonus, Plus a Big Progressive, and a Very Entertaining Video so that is definitely a Win-Win-Win!!! Almost got you back to where you were! Very Fun Video!

  16. I love this game. I play it each time I go to the casino now and have never won big, but still have so much fun. So glad to see you hit 100x. Hard to do it seems with the new Wonder Woman. Love the video as always. Cheers friend.

  17. Now how in the heck did you accomplish that???? You one crazy guy!!! That was just amazing and ballzy! Ho ho

  18. Albert Wonderful Wonder Woman Bonus!!!

  19. You did very well my friend, this is is one of those games, that really hard to get a 100x win, but you get over . Congrats Albert

  20. congratulations on the 100x win, glad the free spins came for you. makes me want to try it again. thanks for sharing

  21. Well done Albert! I'll stick to my Harley Davidson Game lol

  22. I got all excited thinking you got the major x2 but, that wasn't the case. What did it multiply times 2? Looks like a fun game though.

  23. Great wins & video. Never played but enjoyed watching its potential. TY for sharing.

  24. Nice showing for WW slot, really nice.

  25. Wow!!! What a great run!!! All sort of big winning on a tough game!! Congrats

  26. That was great Albert. If you can’t win on these nobody can.

  27. thankfully..you redeemed yourself lol

  28. Graphics on this slot are pretty entertaining.

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