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  1. Hey everyone! I just returned back from vacation in Las Vegas and apologize for being so late on replies. I enjoy reading your comments so thank you!!

  2. Nice sesh on China Shores!! One of my favs!

  3. I might be the only slot channel without a China Shores video, hah! What a great win although I actually didn't think you'd get all of those spins for that trigger, very nice!

  4. Great job on one of my favorites. That top symbol hit was sweet. Congrats Albert and thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Darn, we keep just missing each other on our Vegas trips. Albert, congrats on that great bonus. I used to always say I couldn't fin on a Konami game but I recently had a handpay on one that I haven't shared yet so I can no longer say that, LOL! I might even start playing them more. 😉

  6. What a failed SHIT!!!!!

  7. Great bonus wins Albert. Thanks for posting. Keep it going my friend.

  8. Love that Bonus!! Would be so happy hitting this one $$$

  9. Great win. I love those games that you can win a whole lot of spins on. Congratulations.

  10. not bad today 🙂 I prefer you review one game per clip

  11. This is my fave version

  12. Alot of free spin for over $500. Not bad .congratulations

  13. Very nice win. Congrats!

  14. I was hoping you would get at least $400. Very respectable to make $520 in 10 mins :). Great video as always my friend. Cheers.

  15. Excellent win Albert!!! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you did well in Vegas! My gambling trip is coming up soon! I only get to go a few times a year. Thank goodness for good slot videos like yours that keep me entertained!

  16. That was worth the wait. When are you going to play Mayan Chief for me? I’m still doing pretty well on them. Just the newer ones.

  17. Ok.. it gave you $288 worth of games (with the extra 16)……. you won $521.. just about double. Not bad… HYL… as always. thanks AL

  18. Awesome

  19. Very Nice 260x+ Win! What is the feature that makes this game 'double winnings'? Fun Video!!!

  20. Great win on China Shores

  21. That is so cool. I would love to get that many spins and then just sit back and drink my coffee…Great video.

  22. Bonus time

  23. That was a terrific bonus Albert! Congrats! Hope you had a great time in Vegas my friend!

  24. Great win on $2! Any big wins you’re extra excited about from Vegas?

  25. Hi Albert how can you be so lucky getting to sit beside Mr T ? He said don't you play that machine sucker their just for crazy fools !!! but you proved him wrong, nice win and well done.

  26. That was a really nice win Albert. I actually don't mind seeing the older konami games, or playing them. They can pay when the timing is right.

  27. Congrats! Good old Konami. Hope you had a great time in Las Vegas.

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