★SUPER BIG WIN!★ NINJA LADY (Konami) Slot Machine Bonus

★SUPER BIG WIN!★ NINJA LADY (Konami) Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] SUPER BIG WIN on the new NINJA LADY slot machine by Konami. This is a slot that I’ve been anxious to play ever since I saw it at last year’s G2E slot convention in Las Vegas. The bonus game plays like a Buffalo bonus with multiplier wilds in the center 3 reels and also awards a re-spin feature. This video is a collection of my wins from one incredible night at the local casino leading up to this big win! Also featured in this video are the following games:

1. Twin Dragon | Dueling Reels (Everi)
2. Titan 360 (Konami)
3. Wonder Woman Gold (Bally)
4. Ninja Lady (Konami) [ad_2]

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  1. My favorite slot ninja lady i played min bet and won over 250$ thanks to respins and multipliers

  2. That Twin Dragon bonus freaken suck as hell lol

  3. Does it only respin with 3 multiplayers

  4. FINALLY got around to watching this. Can't believe you got those 3 wilds on your first bonus. She still hates me BTW. Congrats on the awesome win!

  5. Where did u play ninja lady?

  6. beautiful wins congrats

  7. Beautiful wins! I can't believe you just got Titan at the local, lol. I was sad when they took it out of Harrahs AC. Looking forward to trying Ninja lady, great feature with the respin!

  8. That Twin Dragon game looks cool. Nice variety of games featured and I miss Titan 360. Don't have it around much anywhere these days

  9. The twin dragon machine music was very Hypnotik. That bonus ring game that ball was all over the place. Not bad though. Wonder Woman, wow very impressive. Ninja Lady, was very kind.. great bonus..

  10. Nice wins…speak up! I could barely hear you…I wasn't sure if you were talking to us or someone with you.

  11. Those multipliers are looking sooo good Albert. I've got to give this one a try!

  12. Awesome wins.
    Congrats Albert

  13. Albert! Awesome win at the end there! I have to say you have a great voice for video. Have you ever done voice over work? Coming to AC anytime soon? Hows National Harbor btw?

  14. Dang you needed the 5 reel ninja!! Still a fantastic win.

  15. Sweet win!

  16. niiice, congrats! and nice slot!

  17. Way to go Albert!

  18. wow! awesome wins! congrats Albert.

  19. Awesome bonus Albert! We don't have Ninja Lady here yet but I wanna play it!

  20. That Ninja Lady is one heck of a fighter. Wonder who would come out ahead in a battle between her and Wonder Woman?

  21. Wow! Terrific wins on Wonder Woman and Ninja Lady Albert! Those were SWEEEET! Congrats to you!!!

  22. Was the titan 360 at Maryland live? Do they let you record there? And how do you like that casino?

  23. Nice wins all around, you snuck a little wonder woman in there, if you like I could set up a meet and greet for you with her!

  24. Very nice wins..nice surprise there on ninja Lady with the added respin .

  25. Great wins on Ninja Lady and Wonder Woman! I hope you get a full screen of wilds on her next time!

  26. Wow that was a really nice Bonus!!!

  27. What a beautiful result on Ninja Lady !! I'll try it again. I need super big win like yours ! hahaha


  29. Some different games. On First one bonus can be brutal but you got to pick blue Albert. You should know by now. 😉
    Great win on last game. Ninja lady did deliver nicely. Well done.
    and move on from WW already.

  30. Wow! Love those multiplier games! This one looks pretty cool

  31. Well who doesn't love a re-spin with a guaranteed win!? That Lady was awesome to you! And the fascination with WW continues, it's like me with Eagle Mountain lol! Can't wait to see a HUGE win on WW soon!

  32. Ninja Lady came through!

  33. I see why you like wonder woman. Also ninja lady—WOW!! The first 2 games not so much!!

  34. I'm liking Ninja Lady!  Too bad there wasn't one more on the end!  But hey, good to see a great win!!!

  35. Great bonus!!!

  36. Congrats my friend !! Nice Hit….. i play a lot of times this (NINJA LADY )game never hit at bonus

  37. Beautiful win! You tore it up bro

  38. That Ninja game is cool, hope to see it at our local casino soon

  39. i started following your posts after visiting our casinos in NE Ohio, this past May.. Yes, we have some. Jacks's and Rockcino, (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). Your narrative take is Dead on the money. Keep up the stellar work.

  40. Oh, that Ninja Lady game looks coool!! I hope we get that one soon. I had the same reaction to that fire and ice dragon game haha! Played it once, got a bonus about like yours and cashed out, never to play it again. I think it is gone from our casino now 🙂 Great win on the Ninja Lady!!

  41. Nice win Albert!! Are they getting lazy when they name their machines now?

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