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★SUPER BIG WIN★50 DRAGONS DELUXE vs FREE PLAY★☆Live play & Bonus ☆$1.50~$3.00 MAX BET 栗スロット

★SUPER BIG WIN★50 DRAGONS DELUXE vs FREE PLAY★☆Live play & Bonus ☆$1.50~$3.00 MAX BET 栗スロット

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  1. yes.

  2. i wish i'll be this lucky one day.im happy for you.

  3. I am rich.

  4. Nice

  5. Kuri, we don't see this lot much anymore although the Beau Rivage has it. I love this slot and love your vids.

  6. Me love your channel long time

  7. Incredible. You've got the magic touch! Congratulations!

  8. your videos have too many ads

  9. sebesar apapun kemenangan kita akhirnya akan habis lg

  10. happy mothers day, Kuri!

  11. Thank You, because I have played this game and never stay long. I may revisit it


  13. Wow, that machine heated up nicely for you Kuri, congrats!

  14. Awesome Girl! Making $900 in 30 mins on free play yes any day! Fun to watch

  15. Great win!!

  16. I'll have to find the deluxe version! Those were beautiful hits! What a great session! Congrats KURI!

  17. Nice!

  18. Nice wins Kuri! So many! These dragons love you, I hope the March Madness dragons treat you as well!

  19. Awesome!!!

  20. Beautiful win — I'd like to make over $900 playing games for a half hour. I have played the old 50 Dragons game but never this new one. I am happy you did so well.

  21. you rock kuri

  22. Wow those were awesome wins! Congrats Kuri!

  23. I once got the dragons and all pearls for $500. I was only betting 50 cents. Oh well.

  24. Wow very nice never played deluxe the original just takes my money.

  25. Good job kuri congrats

  26. Congrats Kuri, the lower bets paid well!

  27. Awesome bonuses JURI! That Dragon loves ya!

  28. Always great to win on Free Play!!!!

  29. Wonderful Free Play WIN KURI !!! Looks like $1.50 bet is the best bet to win on!!!  Is this game near rewards center? like to try this next time!

  30. Great win Kuri. I will be looking for the deluxe version!

  31. That was great making $900 in 30 minutes daily would be super

  32. well done on the dragons Kuri!

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