★SUPER BIG WIN★All about LIGHTNING LINK Slot machine☆☆10 cent denom☆Las Vegas $2.50 Bet

★SUPER BIG WIN★All about LIGHTNING LINK Slot machine☆☆10 cent denom☆Las Vegas $2.50 Bet

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2 story of Lightning Link. Check it out !!
Lightning Link Slot machine Major Bonus & other bonus.

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★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. Congrations. Fantastic

  2. Kuri, I think combination works … but they constantly change … also I think it all depends on what  combination  they've set the major and grand prize … for example  10c … 1235 spins .. 2c 7000 spins …  1c 20000 spins ….  and so on …no matter whether you are betting at 5 lines or 250 lines ..you win the jackpot when it reaches the winning  final spin …

    if anyone has other ideas please share …

  3. great video

  4. Just a little more time at the end of your videos for us slow readers/watchers. It would allow me/us to see and enjoy your final winning totals.

  5. Hey people please give me some luck I want a major jackpot or like a damn grand jackpot I am a lightning link fan addict and I really love the game like it was my first game I ever played actually.

  6. Dude,I played that stupid lighting link game last night at a little higher bet than you and only got 10 freakin bucks,yeah,10 mother freakin dollars
    .. That game is such bs,, you just got extremely lucky and it was just time for it to pay out..

  7. so what mate, A real gambler always puts it all back in, a win is actually a loss. that temporary high is an amazing feel for an hour or so

  8. love it keep winning kuri

  9. Wahhhh!!! Sooooo niiiiiiiice!!!!!! Congrats Kuri-san!!!!!

  10. Great set of wins Kuri, congrats!

  11. Nice hits KURI! I'm still working on my first major on these, very tough to get!

  12. Great job landing that major!!!

  13. sounds like the guy at the end says "you got about 400 dollars of my money". and thats why i never stick around when i pull out my ticket. that was fun to watch. i love the cosmo.

  14. What a great haul! Congrats Kuri!

  15. I'm going to use a word that you've most likely never heard before, but don't worry.
    That was almost a triskaidekatuple-up! (Triskaidekatuple means 13 times)

  16. Awesome win!

  17. Great job Kuri. Awesome to capture that Major. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Wow!! What an awesome hit Kuri! Congrats and thanks for sharing☺

  19. So suspenseful! So close to filling that screen! Very nice big wins Kuri!

  20. Yay!!! Great wins! That last free spins bonus game was awesome! Congrats!!!

  21. Awesome wins, Kuri!!! Yay! Congrats!!!

  22. Kuri, that was the most wonderful video of this game I have ever seen. I am so happy you won so much money.

  23. You are such lucky lady Kurisan! Congrats!

  24. Love it!!!!!! Great job Kuri!!!!

  25. Yay Kuri!10 cent Denom is the way to go…It only makes sense. The minis are $100. The Minors are $500. I dont know why people dont play only 10cent Denom on these types of Games!U killed it Kuri way to go

  26. Beautiful

  27. Nice major Kuri

  28. Fabulous! Congrats! No tax is the way to do it!

  29. very nice mayor you got kuri.

  30. Very cool with the Major Kuri!!! ☺ great win

  31. I still don't know how the bonus pays out on those machine played it once i was confused how the bonus payed out so i stopped playing them lol. Congrats on another great win Kuri!

  32. Nice!!!!

  33. That was beautiful, Kuri!!! Congrats!!! These games are lots of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Sweet , Congrats

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