★SUPER BIG WIN☆Better than A Jackpot ! MEGA VAULT Slot machine (igt) Live play@ Barona ☆彡kurislot 栗

★SUPER BIG WIN☆Better than A Jackpot ! MEGA VAULT Slot machine (igt) Live play@ Barona ☆彡kurislot 栗

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***KURI Slot**Slot Jackpot**Slot Handpay**Slot Big Win***
★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. Awesome video! Enjoyed it 🙂 ★.★

  2. I was thinking what's better than a JP? A win where you don't pay taxes!!!! OHHHH KURIIIII SAAAAAN!!!! YOU'RE RIIIIICH!!!!! ^________^

  3. Great work KURI ! Congrats

  4. Love the video! Congrats on your winnings!

  5. Very nice win. I played this game on a cruise last summer & walked away with a handpay using freeplay. I can't find it anywhere near us. Love it.

  6. ah too bad no full lines, but still a nice win though. hard game, but its one of my favorites

  7. This game is a money eater I never win I bet max bet 4 dlls it's so hard to get a bonus and when u get a bonus u only get five spins it's to hard

  8. My wife plays this game, is this at Barona.

  9. Better than a jackpot at the start always kind of spoils the vid as it tells everyone you hit big but less than a hand pay.. Still i do like your vids.


  11. I didn't know you could get multipliers outside of a bonus.

  12. What casino? Great win.

  13. Nice win

  14. Wow, amazing bonus hits! Looking forward to March Madness with you!

  15. That is a good come up! Started with $100 and walked out with a Jackpot amount minus the taxes. Love it!

  16. Sugoi ne!!! I've tried many times to get a great bonus on that game but no luck. This just makes me want to continue trying. Ganbarimasu!

  17. First time I ever played this slot, I won almost a grand on a 40¢ bet. Ever since then, I haven't had any luck. Good to see that someone has the luck. Nice win!

  18. Kuri Doll You make me want to play this so much. But Casinos near me do not have! Ugh. Congratulations on those wins. Hope your well

  19. Nice line hit and an awesome bonus at the end! Love your videos

  20. Awesome win , Kuri ! Thanks for sharing !

  21. I hope one of these times I’ll get a fun bonus like yours — awesome

  22. Nicely done Kuri. Congrats.


  24. I'm so glad you do well when you play this game.  I have never had good luck with it.  I guess I forgot the combination to the vault.  LOL. Congratulations on your great win.

  25. さすが!

  26. Beautiful!!

  27. Awesome win Kuri! 🙂

  28. When it hits it hits!!!!

  29. OOh yeah!! Love that game,i need a multiplier when I play!!

  30. Hello Ms Kuri, that's the way to go. Congratulations!!!. Lots of fun & enjoyable. More Luck.

  31. Kuri can u play the game sirens pleasse if u find it 🙂

  32. This game loves you. Wow to the retriggers! Sweet win! 🙂

  33. Great video. Now I have to try this game.

  34. Great bonus Kuri!

  35. We need that it program in our casino!$$$$

  36. Sweet wins! That game has been good to you!

  37. Id still rather get a jackpot.. Lol

  38. Kuri-san…..you break da Bank again…??? Wow…more Sirens to come!!

  39. Another great run on this game for you. Very awesome! I may just have to try it more myself. The couple bonuses I ever had in it didn't go too well lol. Maybe won a little over my bet back… Seems common though on this game most of the time. Thanks again for the share! 🙂

  40. Great hits! Play this as much as you can because most casino's took them away! Good luck!

  41. Awesome win! Congrats!

  42. Good for you, Kuri! Congrats!!

  43. nice session

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