★SUPER BIG WIN☆THERE’S THE GOLD Slot machine (Aristocrat)★Super Fun Bonus game ! San Manuel Casino☆彡

★SUPER BIG WIN☆THERE’S THE GOLD Slot machine (Aristocrat)★Super Fun Bonus game ! San Manuel Casino☆彡

[ad_1] I have $110 free play at San Manuel Casino
I chose «There’s the Gold» slot.
My choice was super nice !
Check it out !!

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★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. You made the machine go off. lol that's lucky

  2. Wow!!! Great bonus at the end!! Congrats on collecting the dynamite for that huge win!! 🙂

  3. Great win MISS KURI GIRL, it's amazing when you sit on the right game and it hit's a big win like that… Aww awesome stuff girl!!…

  4. Nice win…do they have mega vault in san manuel? If they have, whete is it located? Tnx

  5. I tried this game with no luck,well done. Tanks for sharing

  6. Congrats I'll have to give this a try when I go back on Monday to Foxwoods where I finally got 3 handpays within a few days have the small upload showing of my $6500 handpay on wicked winning 3
    What was great I got 2 handpays on only the $85 free slot play i used no cash straight profit

  7. I really like both Where's the Gold and There's the Gold — but I like There's the Gold better because when you get all the dynamite you win the money from all 4 games. It was a nice surprise for you when that game paid over $800 wasn't it? I thought you didn't know that would happen.

  8. Excellent <3

  9. Great job Kuri!!! This is one of Mr. Cuddles fave games!!!

  10. That was a fun video and a great win in the end, Kuri!

  11. is that a new intro!? :p good choice!

  12. What a fun looking game! You did AWESOME with your pick and I loved your reaction to the win amount hahah! Congrats KURI!

  13. Nooooo!! I love the old intro with the $2 slot paying out! haha

  14. Dear friend, I pray that you may good enjoy good health and that you may go well with you, even as you soul is getting as well.
    Therefore, God bless United States America with you and your family and your employees.
    David Song, 5/3/2017

  15. nice bonus!

  16. Wow Kuri, that was a great bonus! I only have seen this game at 1 casino but it was fun when I played it.

  17. おめでとう㊗️あっぱれだわー

  18. Haha!! #IDidntKnowThat! Too funny Kuri! That was an awesome win! Congrats! The fast forward was fun too!

  19. That was Huge! Kinda fun game there. I understood it at the end, great job winning all 4. Love u Kuri.

  20. You forgot it was a nickel slot. Ha. I did too.

  21. Love it <3

  22. OMG That was such a good hit! Congrats!


  24. Haven't seen this game played in awhile. Thank you. Very beautiful surprise wasn't it? Congratulations pretty lady

  25. Sweet…

  26. Very beautiful win kuri 🙂

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