★SUPER BIG WIN! ★ STACK OF GOLD Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat)

★SUPER BIG WIN! ★ STACK OF GOLD Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat)

[ad_1] ★SUPER BIG WIN!★ STACK OF GOLD Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat) This is a slot I haven’t played much with in the past because I’ve simply never really tried (guess those Buffaloes got more of my attention!). First up, a nice big win on WILD PANDA GOLD! Thanks for watching! 😃 ***VIDEO REPOSTED FROM EARLIER IN THE DAY DUE TO YOUTUBE ISSUES 😩*** [ad_2]

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  1. I just happened across this little gem…how come you don't play Stacks of Gold anymore? It's one of my favorites! ♡ Unless you have and I've simply missed it lol

  2. I played this over the weekend.
    I won $1340.00 on a $2.00 bet during the bonus.

  3. My favorite game love it thanks for sharing

  4. I don't think that was a Super Big Win… I think it was a CRAZY Big Win! I like this game (Stack of Gold) but the last time I saw it (and played it) was at The Orleans in Las Vegas a while ago! It definitely has Big Win Potential! Nice Video!

  5. Stack of Gold is great when it pays retriggers alot but the pay put sucks

  6. Great wins Albert! Congrats!

  7. Stack of gold is such an "obscure" game. I mean it plays like buffalo and it is at my local. It not sure why the theme never caught on more. Those pandas did good to you as well! Fun video Albert!!

  8. perfect video! No bullshit filler footage, either…

  9. Awesome bonus on stack of gold, such a fun buffalo like game!

  10. Holy gold stack Albert!!

  11. Great wins Albert. That gold stack game was one of games my local had it and I never played. You did awesome. Also liked Panda bonus too.

  12. Great bonus Albert! I've done well on this on Heart of Vegas but never actually seen it in a casino before. And Panda did well too! He was hungry!

  13. Well done!

  14. I love ❤️ how the panda eats his bamboo. Fun bonuses.

  15. very nice!!! Hope all is well

  16. Great wins, Albert!!! I've never played Stacks of Gold, but that was fun and amazing!!! Congrats!!! And I've never hit anything on that Panda lol.

  17. Gold delivers on all fronts, from Panda gold with the sweet pagoda hits, to actual gold bars (or buffalo as you kept calling them!). I like that clone too, Mohegan has a couple of them scattered around. Great wins Albert!

  18. Nice win on Stacks of gold
    We have 1 at my local. I like it.
    Tough game. But has huge potential.
    You did great
    Congrats Albert
    Thanks for sharing

  19. Super awesome hit Albert! 263x$

  20. Nice bonus, I've played this game as well as the buffalo game, I never get the multipliers, I'm glad your shared.

  21. There's a lot more gold in this video than in the Aristocrat stacks.  Nice Panda win to put us in the mood — $386.80 on Panda Gold.  And then a little Konami Twin Fever Dragons Law — just because you like it I guess.  And finally the main attraction — Stacks and stacks and stacks of Gold.  Amazing Buffalo clone with $527.50 win.  As Manny would say ….Yass!  Nice wins, Albert.

  22. TACK OF GOLD Slot is the same buffalo ,it looks like fun gamet?

  23. Albert wish you to hit my record at DRAGON"S Law Twin slot,,lol Great wins buddy.Congrats

  24. Wow Albert I didn't know you were at the new MGM Grand their Resort that was a great win on both Panda and stacks of gold thanks for sharing again congratulations

  25. Terrific wins Albert! Congrats to you my friend!

  26. Great bonus. I had 4 bonuses in like 20 mins and the highest I got was like $30 at red rock. Question, does MGM harbor have a decent selection of video poker??

  27. great wins Albert

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