★SUPER MEGA BIG WIN☆All about New Lucky 88 Slot machine☆Dice /Mystery choice/4 Free games picked ★彡

★SUPER MEGA BIG WIN☆All about New Lucky 88 Slot machine☆Dice /Mystery choice/4 Free games picked ★彡

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New Lucky 88 Slot Super Big Win !
Shinobi Slots requested for new Dice Bonus
Check it out !!

***KURI Slot**Slot Jackpot**Slot Handpay**Slot Big Win***
★KURI’s Jackpot (Handpay)

★KURI’s Super Big Win

★Timber Wolf Lover

★Prowling Panther Lover


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  1. there were so many guys before bonus…. bonus starts..guys ran away!!

  2. Another Amazing win. I will have to try this one, and hope for some of your luck. Congrats

  3. i started jacking off to this win 🙂

  4. Awesome win congrats

  5. Nice win KURI!!!!!

  6. Confusias say me like this version better than old one

  7. Great win!

  8. I'm so waiting for this to come to one of my locals!!

  9. amazing

  10. HI Kuri, I've been watching all your slot winning videos. You have so much luck on every machine that you played. I go to casino a lot but
    I never win big as much as you did even playing high bets. How did you do it? I need some luck from you :))
    Love all your slot videos, keep it coming!!!

  11. Very nice win !!

  12. HI kuri, I've been watching all your winning slots videos, . You have so much luck on every machine you played.
    I go to casino all the time…never win as much as you do even with the high limit slots. How did you do it??
    I need some good luck from you :))

  13. finally 2 scatter symbols pay back bet. game looks better already

  14. Oh shit is tight, I want to get my hands on this game. Great showing. Congrats

  15. KURI, love your videos. The older version is one of my favorite go to games in a casino. This one is very interesting. the only negative is that they put the same color background on all of the premium symbols. I cant wait to play them. Thanks for bringing it to your channel.

  16. Wow! What an amazing win on that last bonus great job Kuri!

  17. Lucky 88 is one of my favorite games, I can't wait to try this version! Great win KURI! 🙂

  18. Thanks for playing that KURI and showing the two bonuses. Glad you got an awesome win in the bonus!

  19. Wow! 50 lines and that applause have great potential on X88. I like this video like all your videos.

  20. how much do you charge

  21. Awesome job Kuri. I see good things for you on this game in future. Well done.

  22. Whoa indeed! Hahah that was great Kuri! HUGE congrats!

  23. Awesome hit Kuri !!!!☺

  24. Sweet!!!

  25. Awesome win Kuri!!!

  26. Nice Win KURI Slot !!!! Good Luck 😉 it seems amazing game, i didnt play this game. Next time I will try to hit the jackpot…lol

  27. Oooooo a new Lucky 88!! A Mystery Choice! And that guy clapping to make a bunch of himself appear, amazing! I want to try it! Nice win, by the way. 🙂

  28. I don't usually pick the dice game.
    I do usually pick 4 or 8 games.

    Great Win!

  29. That was fantastic — especially the bonus spin with 4 men and x88. I don't ever play the dice game…maybe I should try it. I thought the old Lucky 88 was a good game — I guess this new version can be even better .Congratulations of your nice win.

  30. uh 6.39 for 5 of a kind? yeah///no

  31. Nice!

  32. Nice!!! Wtf was that hand clap? I want it!! :))

  33. Wow didn't see that coming great ending.

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