[ad_1] ★SUPER PANDA BIG WIN! ★ PANDA DOUBLE HAPPINESS (Aristocrat) Slot Machine Bonus. Trying out a new Gimmie Games slot machine for the first time and it definitely didn’t disappoint! See how I did! Also featured in this video ANCIENT WHEEL PANDA & XTREME PANDA from Aruze.

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  1. Wow!!! That Panda Double Happiness bonus was simply amazing Albert!!! CONGRATS!!! That $1.32 bonus is how much I tend to get during many of my bonuses! LOL! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Every good line hit should pay a lot more. lol Thanks for sharing and continued good fortune with your new panda buddies 🙂

  3. That Panda game cracks me up. Fun to watch. Great video and wins Albert. Have a great weekend my friend.

  4. Great hits

  5. I just realized. Congrats on 35K subscribers! Also I love to tickle the Pandas and then they giggle and move. Have you noticed that when you played the slot?

  6. I really like that last game. I think they did a nice job with the pandas rolling by and it looks pretty. Very Nice Win and Fun Video!!!

  7. I wonder how much they actually lose in a week

  8. Took those Aruze pandas a while to start paying you something — with 57 free spins I'd have thought the bonus would have been even better. The Xtreme PANDAS were extremely stingy paying you only $1.32. Finally, Aristocrat's Double Happiness Panda from Gimmie Games was very, very nice giving you $425. I know which of these 3 games I would play. Good video.

  9. Love pig….err I mean Panda Day!!!! LOL How fun Albert 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend ♡

  10. Yay ! Panda Special !! The last Panda was really good !!! Thank you for sharing Albert !!
    Have a great weekend !!

  11. great bonus cute panda

  12. Gotta love that panda. Very nice video Albert. Loved every minute of it. $1.32 might buy a little cup of coffee.

  13. Thank you for sharing. The panda machines are adorable and your commentary is refreshingly polite while still being entertaining. Your pleasant demeanor is very welcome in this 'wild west' of 'anything goes' on this media outlet.

  14. Hi Albert thanks for changing my perception of Pandas, I thought they just lay on their backs eating bamboo and scratching their genitalia but you showed me they can dance, smile and do forward rolls. That was great fun and a nice wee profit as well.

  15. Really cute panda games. Great bonus on the last one. I'll be looking for that one! Great video Albert.

  16. They are so cute!!! I live the snap sound feature! They took these out of Indigo but I can still find them at Riverbend. Dang I live this game and it really can pay good! Thanks for the great video and wonderful wins. What city do u play in usually?

  17. Man I dunno what is wrong with slot developers and having no understanding what makes a slot enjoyable for us players. Obviously having the chance at higher free games if a plus . . . . but we aren't stupid and know if we trigger for a higher amount of games the chance of a re-trigger is much lower if it's of the same amount. Once you triggered for 57 spins I knew the chance of a retrigger was so low. The excitement of a slot is never knowing what will happen. I think Aristocrat got this right with The Walking Dead 2; even if you get the highest amount of spins a Re-Trigger is for 10 spins . .so even if you get lucky and get the 30 max spins if a re-trigger opportunity happens you feel just as hopeful as any other time. Sort of pisses me off that big company like Aristrocrat and Ainsworth can't comprehend this . . it's like they don't even properly test their slots. I mean they do it right with a lot of bonuses where if yo are in free games you only need 2 bonus symbols to get 5 free spins . . that makes so much sense . . . but the re-trigger scenario with this slot makes 0 sense and makes me question who the fuck is letting these slots onto the floor. I am sure someone like SDguy1234 who isn't a blind fanboy would agree . . . slot creators have to really up the ante . . . especially Aristrocrat and Ainsworth. I think WMS, Scientific and Konami (to an extent) actually have hired a good team.

  18. Love the last panda game. Ty for showing this.

  19. Nice win sessions…✌✌✌

  20. Too cute. Pandas were paying you pretty good except for the dollar bonus..ha..
    Congrats on your nice wins! Gl and hope you keep your winning ways.

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